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Eva N.
Born September 25, 1986 (1986-09-25) (age 36)
Other names Ally, Adele, Alisson Jameson, Alley, Allie, Megan, Megie, Strawberry Sandy
Nationality Czech Republic
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 117 lb (53.1 kg; 8.4 st)
Wrestles for DWW and Fighting Dolls
Years active 2006 - Present
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 13
Losses 16
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Eva N. is a wrestler who has taken part in a huge number of matches for both Danube Women Wrestling and Fighting Dolls, wrestling both women and men and showing a tremendous fighting spirit. She also fought in several f-f boxing bouts for both companies. In between DWW ceasing production and Fighting Dolls beginning, she had some matches in the Female Wrestling Zone. In 2020 Eva began a new production company named Fighting Divas.

Petite Eva has suffered both wins and losses in her mixed matches. Sometimes she has been able to defeat larger men through her skill and tenacity, but on other occasions, the size of her opponents has proven too much, despite her whole-hearted efforts. It has only made her victories all the more sweeter. In the mixed matches that she has won Eva has demonstrated a wonderful dominant streak, and she has become a popular wrestler due to the courage that she has shown, both on and off the mat. Due to the length of her career, Eva has wrestled or boxed with all the major members of the DWW and Fighting Dolls rosters at one time or another, but her most serious rivalry always seemed to be with Mel at whichever company the two were working.

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Eva N.'s most notable matches.

In terms of mixed matches, Eva N shot to prominence in her first release, against Patrick in DWW-MOVIES-609. She gave a highly confident display, which seemed to intimidate the much taller but inexperienced Patrick.

She proved the victor, scoring both by pins and submissions to triumph by 5-0, before celebrating by posing while sat on the chest of the male she had soundly defeated.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Eva N.'s competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
2019 Fighting Dolls FD3452 Salma 0-2 Catfight Nude Salma applies 2 headscissors, she seems to extract more submissions but the video does not count them. Link
2016 Fighting Dolls FD2011 Salma 2-2 Catfight Clothes to Topless Salma applies 2 breast smothers. Eva applies a side headlock and a facesit. Fight ends early due to injury to Eva. Link
2016 Fighting Dolls FD1795 Salma 1-0 Chin Pull Submissions only Topless to Nude Eva applies a chin pull submission between on Salma between her legs. Link
2016 Fighting Dolls FD1757 Salma 0-2 Catfight Nude Fight starts with a brief breastfight. Salma applies a side headlock and breast smother. Link
2016 Fighting Dolls FD1647 Mel 4-0 Catfight Topless Eva applies two head-scissors, body-scissors & a face-sitting pin. Link to match
2016 Fighting Dolls FD1633 Salma 1-0 Catfight Clothes to Topless Eva applies a headscissor to win a close match. Link
2015 Fighting Dolls FD1616 Emanuella 2-1 Submission only Topless From October 2015 Live Event. Eva applies two headlocks, submits to body-scissors. Link to match
2015 Fighting Dolls FD1462 Eva N. & Kim-Ly vs Andy & Isabel 1-2 Catfight Skirts / Topless Andy applies a body-scissors on Eva. Kim-Ly applies camel clutch on Isabel. Andy applies a full Nelson on Kim-Ly. Link to match
2015 Fighting Dolls FD1263 Salma 2-0 Wrestling Submissions Swimsuits to Nude Eva applies a chin pull and breastsmother. Link
2014 Fighting Dolls FD0992 Emma 0-1 Submissions Topless Mat fight. Emma wins the fight with an ending headscissor. Link
October 2014 Fighting Dolls FD0977 Chrissie 0-3 Catfight Clothes to Topless Outdoor catfight. Chrissie applies 3 hairpull assisted head-scissors. Link
June 2014 Fighting Dolls FD0807 Chrissie 0-1 Catfight Nude Chrissie applies a head-scissors. Link
2014 Fighting Dolls FD0750 Crystl 0-2 Pins and submissions Topless An aggressive performance by Crystl who outfought Eva, scoring two smother pins and finishing her with a face-sit Link to match
2012 Fighting Dolls FD0138 Mel 0-3 Catfight Topless in Jeans Outdoor on grass. Eva submits to two head-scissors & reverse head-scissors. Link to match
2012 Fighting Dolls FD0129 Pia 2-0 Pins and Submissions Topless Eva with two headscissors submissions. Link to match
2011 DWW MOVIES-1081 Mel 1-5 Pins & Submissions Fishnet Tops From March 2011 Live Event. Last DWW fight between two frequent rivals. Link to match
2011 DWW MOVIES-1065 Anastasia 0-1 Pins & Submissions Topless From March 2011 Live Event. Link to match
October 2010 DWW MOVIES-983 Anni 1-2 Pins and Submissions Topless Anni wins with 2 submissions to Eva's school-girl pin. Link to match
July 2010 DWW MOVIES-937 Emanuella 0-2 Wet mat catfight Nude Emanuella wins with 2 head-scissors submissions. Link to match
March 2010 DWW MOVIES-849 Mel 4-5 Catfight Topless From March 2010 Live Event. Accidental punch gives Mel a bloody nose in the last fall. She returns to body-scissors Eva into a deciding submission. Link to match
2009 DWW MOVIES-758 Anita P. 0-1 Pins and Submissions (Oil) Topless Eva put up a valiant fight against heavier Anita but was finally beaten by a full body-press pin Link to match
2009 DWW MOVIES-728 Leslie KO Boxing Naked Leslie and Eva slug it out before Eva floors Leslie twice in succession, winning by KO with the second knockdown Link to match
August 2009 DWW MOVIES-713 Mel KO Boxing Nude Mel wins by a knock out. Link to match
July 2009 DWW MOVIES-672 Tessa 1-0 Pins and submissions Topless Tessa put up a vigorous fight but was finally overwhelmed by Eva who finished her off with a dominant SG pin Link to match
2009 DWW MOVIES-587 Anastasia 0-3 Catfight Topless Link to match
2007 DWW MOVIES-262 Anastasia 3-1 Catfight Clothed to topless Link to match
2007 DWW MOVIES-248 Rene 5-1 Catfight wrestling Clothed to topless Rene has no answer to the power of Eva's legs and has to submit to four body-scissors and one head-scissors holds, scoring just one submission herself Link to match
2007 DWW MOVIES-204 Rene 7-1 Pins and submissions Topless Although Rene put up a valiant fight, Eva racked up three body-scissors, two cross-body pins and two SG pins for a comprehensive win Link to match
2007 DWW MOVIES-168 Marketa 4-0 Pins and submissions Topless After an even first half of the bout Eva's experience began to tell as Marketa tired, and she finished her off with 3 consecutive body-scissors submissions Link to match
2006 DWW MOVIES-111-1 Sunny 0-1 Long erotic pins Topless Sunny was able to trap Eva in a lengthy SG pin and force her to submit after a vigorous battle. The match continued after the girls stripped naked as a purely erotic encounter (TRIB-099) Link to match
2006 DWW MOVIES-043 Monika T 2-1 Pins only Topless Eva wins a very competitive, sporting bout in one of her first appearances Link to match

Competitive mixed wrestling Record

A list of Eva N.'s competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
2009 DWW DWW-MOVIES-609 Patrick 5-0 Pins and Submissions Topless (bikini) Eva wins courtesy of a schoolgirl pin, a grapevine pin, a body-scissors, a head-scissors and one final further schoolgirl pin. Link to match
2009 DWW DWW-MOVIES-763 Patrick 2-1 Pins and Submissions Topless (bikini) Oil wrestling match. Link to match
2011 DWW DWW-MOVIES-1034 Dorian 2-4 Pins and Submissions Topless (underwear) Dorian applies 4 four-quarter holds and Eva 2 head-scissors Link to match
2011 DWW DWW-MOVIES-1054 Mickey 5-2 Pins and Submissions Topless (underwear) Link to match


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