Diana (Antscha)

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Diana (Antscha)

Antscha at DWW Summer 2005
Born September 11, 1978 (1978-09-11) (age 42)
Other names Antscha, Mistress Zita
Nationality Hungarian
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 132 lb (59.9 kg; 9.4 st)
Wrestles for DWW, Athena2, European Fight Club, Tiafighting Wrestling Club and Femwrestle
Years active 2002 - present
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 8
Losses 5
Draws 4
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Wins 0
Losses 0
Draws 0
Other information
E-mail mailto:[email protected]
WB270 http://wb270.com/eur/antscha.htm

Diana, aka Antscha, is a wrestler from Hungary. She initially started wrestling at HWW of DWW. She has an incredible physique and great abs. Along with semi-competitive wrestling, nude wrestling, fantasy wrestling she has done a variety of fetish / domination videos in such niches as caning, tickling, handjobs, footjobs, pantyhose, humiliation & bondage. In latter niches she is better known as Mistress Zita.

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Diana's most notable matches.

Competitive Female Wrestling Record

A list of Diana's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

A list of Diana (Antscha)'s competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Pics/Links
2002 DWW FOM-602 Anna RTD Pins & Submissions Tops & shorts Billed as Antscha's first DWW match ever. Strictly wrestling. Antscha retires with exhaustion after being trapped under Anna for most of the fight. Not available
2002 DWW FOM-602 Oleksandra 0-0 Pins & Submissions Topless Held few minutes after the Anna fight. Oleksandra billed as Melanie's friend in her first wrestling match. Neither girl secures a point in competitive but unskilled fight. Not available
2003 DWW FOM-91 Kati N 2-0 Pins & Submissions Nude Antscha wins with a crossbody and a straddle pin Antscha-KatiN01.jpg
2003 DWW FOM-100 Nadege 0-0 Facesit pins Topless to nude Competitive erotic fight Nadege-Antscha02.jpg
2003 DWW DWW 301-05 Maryna M 4-0 Pins and submissions Topless Summer Event 2003 – Antscha wins with 4 submissions Antscha-Maryna01.jpg
2003 DWW DWW 279-01 Tiple-a-Nudes Part I Anna 1-0 Pins and Submissions Nude Antscha wins with a headscissors in extra time Antscha-AnnaL02.jpg
2003 DWW DWW 286-01 Teacher In Trouble Anna 0-3 Pins and Submissions School-girl uniform / Topless Antscha submits to a headlock, breast-smother & face-sitting pins. Not available
2003 DWW ? Ildiko K ?-? Test of Strength Nude Chest to chest tussle in DWW enclosed fighting zone Antscha-Ildiko01.jpg
2003 DWW 300-01 Xana 0-0 Submissions ? Not available
2004 DWW DWW-354 Karine 3-0 Pins & Submissions Topless Antscha wins by 2 submissions and a pin Karine-Antscha01.jpg
2005 DWW DWW-380 Karine 0-0 Submissions & Pins Topless oil wrestling A slippery no-score draw. Karine-Antscha04.jpg
2005 DWW DWW-382 International Cup 2005 Jana N 1-0 Submissions & Pins Topless Antscha won with a headlock submission in just 65 seconds Antscha-JanaN01.jpg
2005 DWW DWW-383 International Cup 2005 Orsi 1-0 Submissions & Pins Topless Antscha won with a bodyscissor submission Antscha-Orsi01.jpg
2005 DWW DWW-388 Karine 3-0 Submissions & Pins Topless Antscha wins with 3 headlock submissions Antscha-Karine01.jpg
2005 DWW DWW-391 Viktoria 0-1 Submissions & Pins T-shirt & shorts Short fun fight that Viktoria wins with a face-sit pin Antscha-Viktoria01.jpg
2005 DWW 392-03 Xana 3-0 Submissions ? Not available
2006 DWW DWW-423-01 Muscles vs Muscles Nadia 0-1 Pins & Submissions Bikini Antscha has Nadia in SG-pin control but gets flipped into reverse headscissors submission N/A
June 2009 WrestlingMonica Xana 1-2 Submissions Bikini Link to clip
June 2013 Femwrestle Antscha vs Jenny Jenny G 4-0 Submissions Topless Antscha puts Jenny in one painful hold after another, dominating the match and scoring a decisive victory Antscha-Jenny05.jpg

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Diana's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

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