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Doom Maidens Wrestling

© Doom Maidens Wrestling
Location New York City, USA
Years active 2006 - present

Doom Maidens Wrestling is a female/mixed wrestling video production company founded in New York City, USA. Wrestler Veve Lane is a leader and co-founder of the company.

Wrestling video match styles include competitive, fantasy, pro-style, domination, catball fights, and bondage wrestling. Other production genres include muscle worship, domination scenarios, bondage scenarios, and fitness challenges.


Originally created as a group of "action-oriented" ladies, founding members' initial projects included adventure-themed photo sets, photo-comics, and live performances at fetish parties. In 2007, Doom Maidens began producing wrestling videos. Doom Maidens has produced 2 live filming events in partnership with Femwin (2007 and 2013), and it has produced 3 live filming events of its own, each called an "NYC Wrestling Showcase" (January 2010, June 2010, June 2011). Currently, the company's main focus is on video production.

Notable wrestlers

Doom Maidens Wrestling has filmed with a wide variety of female and male wrestlers and models from near and far. Female wrestlers who reside in New York City and work regularly with the company include:

Veve Lane, Amazon Annie, Indra, Rachel DD, Orlandoe (moved to Virginia)

The company also works with travelers who visit the NYC area, as well as itself traveling throughout the US to meet and film with other wrestlers.

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