Kristie Etzold

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Kristie Etzold

Kristie at APL in 2003
Born About 1966
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight 165 lb (74.8 kg; 11.8 st)
Wrestles for Femwin, APL, Video Sports, Les Femmes Fatales and Tanya Kicks
Years active 1993 - present
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 5
Losses 4
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Wins 7
Losses 0
Other information
E-mail mailto:[email protected]

Kristie Etzold is a wrestler and boxer who has been active in the female fight scene for over two decades. Consequently she has fought in a vast number of fully competitive or semi-competitive matches for numerous companies including Les Femmes Fatales, Video Sports, DT Wrestling, APL, Femwin, Tanya Kicks, Ken Star Productions and Mass Muscle amongst others. She has also done hundreds of private wrestling sessions during her career, mostly with men and a few with women.

Notable matches

Kristie has wrestled with many well known female wrestlers, including Robin of Les Femmes Fatales, Nadege, Veve Lane, Blake, and Helen von Mott, to name just a few.

While working for Femwin Kristie Etzold was involved in the "Knotted Headscissors" videos during which a group of wrestlers which also included Mikayla Miles and Liz Lightspeed tested each others' durability out with figure-4 style head-scissors.

Relevant Links

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Kristie Etzold's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
1994 Video Sports VSL 051 Blake 7-5 Submissions Topless Evenly fought match in a ring Not Available
1994 Video Sports VSL 052 Blake KO Boxing Topless Evenly fought match in a ring ending with Kristie delivering a KO punch to Blake's jaw Not Available
1994 Video Sports VSL 054 Boxing as you like it Nancy Points Boxing Topless Close fight with an on-points result. Not Available
2002 Tanya Kicks TK018 You Vant To Fight Nadege 1-3 Submissions Topless Nadege wins over her taller and heavier opponent Review of Match
2002 Tanya Kicks TK019 Catting It Out Nadege & Lily 1-3 Tag match Bikini to Topless Tiger Lily & Nadege vs. Steele Rose & Kristie Etzold (see the Full Match!) Review of Match
2003 APL 181-2 Linda 5-6 Submissions Topless Linda wins this catfight mainly with smother holds Not Available
2003? APL 184-1 Puma 6-2 Submissions Topless 30 minute competitive fight which Kristie wins convincingly Not available
2003 APL 184-2 Linda 2-0 Submissions Topless Competitive match which Kristie wins with a smother hold and a choke. Not Available
2003 APL APL209 Linda 3-4 Pins and submissions Topless Linda subjected Kristie to numerous face-sit pins while Kristie tried to manoeuvre her opponent into her crushing head-scissors wherever possible Link to match

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Kristie Etzold's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
2006 Mwd77's Private Wrestling Match 2 Mwd77 7-2 submissions and pins to the count of 10 topless Mwd is able to do a little better in this match than he did in Match 1, scoring 2 points via pins against Kristie, thanks to pins to the count of 10 being allowed this time, in addition to submissions. He tries to make her submit a few times but is not able to win any submissions from her. But Kristie still dominates her male opponent for most of the match, scoring both pins and submissions. Once again Kristie succeeds in getting Mwd a variety of holds, mostly using head and body scissors as well as breast smothering and face sitting holds effectively to defeat him! A nice victory for Kristie against a less experienced Mwd, who tries his best but is overmatched by his female opponent. Not Available
May 2005 Mwd77's Private Wrestling Match 1 Mwd77 8-0 submissions only topless This is Mwd's first ever private session and first ever competitive wrestling session with a professional female session wrestler. Needless to say, Kristie completely defeats and dominates Mwd, despite him fighting his best and escaping a couple of hold attempts early in the match. But the younger, inexperienced and smaller male is no match for the very experienced, older and larger female, as she uses her big legs to apply devastating scissor holds and a very painful grapevine pin, uses her breasts to smother him, and smothers him in both front and reverse face sitting holds, all of which leaves Mwd weakened, unable to escape, gasping for air and with no choice but to submit. A totally dominant performance by Kristie, which shows the male just how strong and women wrestlers can really be! Not Available
2002 MWU Video #146 Earl won submissions only bikini This is a one-sided match, as Kristie uses scissor holds, breast smothers, and face sitting to weaken, defeat, and dominate her male opponent, who doesn't know what hit him! Link to match
2000 MWU Video #77 Tom won submissions only bikini Kristie and Tom are both determined to win this match and both go all out! It is a very hard-fought match, with both sides scoring, and Kristie wins by a small margin. Link to match
1999 MWU Video #37 Joe won submissions only (with bondage finish) bikini Joe fights hard and even causes a slight injury to Kristie in the early part of the match. Unfortunately, this only angers Kristie and makes her even more determined to beat him. When the match resumes, Kristie goes all out and really dominates Joe, using her legs to scissor him into submission and teach him a very painful lesson! She beats the male by a good number of points. After beating him in the match, Kristie ties up joe with tape and dominated him some more! Link to match
1997 Flamingo Wrestling MW 29 Tony won submissions only bikini Kristie defeats Tony by a decisive number of points, and makes him suffer through a lot of scissor holds, smothering holds, and other painful holds in this one-sided match. Not Available
1997 Flamingo Wrestling MW 28 Paul won submissions only bikini Kristie defeats her less experienced male opponent, who tries his best, winning by a decent margin in points. Not Available

Unusual competitive matches

A list of Kristie's unusual competitive matches. These are fully competitive matches or contests, but are not considered in Kristie's normal competitive records due to unusual or unbalanced rules. This list is incomplete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Link
1997 Flamingo Wrestling MW 32 Paul won submissions only, 2F vs. 1M, with Shelly "the Burbank Bomber" dress to bikini (both women) This is a 2 against 1 match, with the style of competitive mixed wrestling and submissions only. Kristie is joined by Shelly, also known as The Burbank Bomber to take on Paul. The two women easily dominate the one male, putting him in a variety of holds and pins throughout the match, and he has no chance to win. Defending himself is pretty much all he can do despite his best efforts to fight and get one of the women in a submission hold. The women weaken the man with pins, body and head scissors and other holds. Once he is tired out, the ladies really begin to dominate Paul, as both Shelly and Kristie use their large breasts to smother him! They also take turns sitting on his face, smothering him out in both front and reverse face sitting holds, while the other straddles his stomach and controls his arms, leaving him no choice but to either submit or pass out! They even humiliate the "poor?" guy by checking to see if he is turned on from the wrestling action and having two women on top of him, by grabbing his penis to see if it is hard!! It is a total, complete and humiliating loss for Paul as Kristie and Shelly totally dominate him and enjoy every second of it!! Not Available