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Eveline before her first fight with Tina
Born about 1976
Nationality Hungarian
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 107 lb (48.5 kg; 7.6 st)
Wrestles for DWW
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 10
Losses 0
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Eveline she made her first appearance for DWW in 1995 at a private “dormitory challenge” event in which she fought in a one-piece swimsuit while her opponents fought in the nude. Her three fights, which were released on DWW-61, were pin-only contests which might explain why Eveline suffered the first defeat of her career to her fellow Hungarian, Orsolya.
Eveline’s first public fights were at the DWW summer event 1995 held at a chateau-hotel in Seregelyes, Hungary. Her appearance at this event is described in the February 1996 edition of Amazons in Action:
Eveline is an unlikely wrestler. Her taciturn and economical demeanour hides a happy, intelligent personality. A student at Budapest University, Eveline shares a dormitory with some of the participants of highly popular Greek Tournament. But Eveline is a born fighter. She's lean, little and muscular. When she steps on the mat she has only one thought is to win at all costs. Something in her stance communicates a challenge to her opponents, who feel forced to fight or back down. Eveline herself never backs down. Such concentrated aggression allows her to take on girls much larger than herself. Eveline is a star in the making.

In 1996 Eveline was a participant in DWW’s summer games held at the Chȃteau-Hotel Fenyöharászt in Hungary, where she made a notable appearance in the Miss Amazon Tournament (see Notable Matches). Her time with DWW seems to have come to an end at the end of 1996, but not before she had won against Tina Bjornson (see Notable Matches), whom she had failed to defeat earlier in the year.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Eveline's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
1995 DWW DWW-61 “Dormitory Challenge 2” Kati 0-0 Pins only Nude & swimsuit Eveline wears a swimsuit while Kati is nude. Not available
1995 DWW DWW-61 “Dormitory Challenge 2” Juanita 2-0 Pins only Nude & swimsuit Eveline wears a swimsuit while Kati is nude. Not available
1995 DWW DWW-61 Dormitory Challenge 2 Orsolya 0-1 Pins only Nude & swimsuit Eveline wears a swimsuit while Orsolya fights in the nude. Not available
1995 DWW DWW-067-03 “Bea the Beautiful” Bea 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Eveline wins with a body-press pin Link to match
1995 DWW DWW-70 Eveline, The Merciless Susanne S 3-0 Pins and Submissions Topless Eveline wins with 2 submissions and a pin Not available
1995 DWW DWW-70 Eveline, The Merciless Gabi 3-0 Pins and Submissions Topless Eveline wins with 2 pins and a submission Not available
1995 DWW DWW-70 Eveline, The Merciless Wanda 1-0 Pins and Submissions Topless Wanda submits in grapevine pin Not available
Jan 1996 DWW DWW-70 Eveline, The Merciless Tina 0-0 Pins and Submissions Topless See Notable Match Not available
1996 DWW DWW-84 Catfights Galore Kriszta 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless See “Catfight with Kriszta” Not available
1996 DWW DWW-73 Miss Amazon 1996 Betty 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless See Notable Match Not available
1996 DWW DWW-73 Miss Amazon 1996 Iva 3-0 Pins & submissions Topless See Notable Match Not available
1996 DWW DWW-74 Miss Amazon 1996 Schatzy 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless See Notable Match Link to match
1996 DWW DWW-74 Miss Amazon 1996 Anita 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless See Notable Match Link to match
1996 DWW DWW-075-02 Tournament of Aggressive Girls Tina 2-0 Pins and Submissions Topless See Notable Match Link to match
1996 DWW DWW-075-04 Tournament of Aggressive Girls Andrea 0-1 Pins and Submissions Topless Andrea wins with a powerful body-scissors Link to match

Miscellaneous Gallery

Notable matches

Eveline at the DWW’s Miss Amazon Tournament 1996

Catwalk catfight with Kriszta

The tournament started in the evening at sunset with a “beauty contest” in which the sixteen contestants were interviewed about their background and their interests. Eveline took her place on the catwalk wearing a distinctive red dress, as she was leaving at the end of her interview Kriszta appeared wearing an identical dress. A confrontation ensued that quickly moved to the wrestling mat where the two fighters soon ripped off one another’s dresses in an intense catfight. Although no rules had been declared for this fight it seemed to be a “pins only” match with neither fighter going for submission holds. Eveline, as the more experienced fighter (this was Kriszta’s first fight), dominated most of the action and several times pinned Kriszta to the mat. After some 12 minutes of combat, Kriszta surrendered to Eveline after being trapped in a prolonged grapevine pin. So Eveline scored her first victory of the evening as a sideshow to the main tournament.

Round 1 fight against Betty

Betty was a newcomer to wrestling, so she started at a distinctive disadvantage against Eveline who had been fighting for DWW since the summer of the previous year. Eveline quickly took control of her opponent by locking her legs around Betty’s abdomen in a bodyscissors hold. Betty fought bravely to escape from Eveline’s hold, but after 25 seconds in the hold she was forced to submit. For the remainder of the fight Betty managed to resist Eveline’s repeated attempts to score another bodyscissor submission and the match ended with a win to Eveline by 1-0.

Round 2 fight against Iva

Eveline’s second fight was against Iva, from the Czech Rep., who was a newcomer to DWW. Iva was some 11lbs heavier than Eveline and had won her first fight convincingly, so it was expected that she would give Eveline a hard fight. As soon as the fight started Eveline took Iva to the mat in a headlock, Iva succeeded in breaking the hold by getting a headscissors onto Eveline, but then almost immediately Eveline broke free and got her own headscissors onto the Czech fighter. Iva twisted and flexed in an effort to escape, but Eveline tightened her hold and after a few seconds Iva was forced to submit.
Iva started the second session well by trapping Eveline in a combination bodyscissors and chin-pull hold. It looked like Eveline would be forced to submit to this combination of holds, but she resolutely fought her way out and escaped onto her feet. Iva attacked again with headlock, but failed to take Eveline to the mat. Eveline retaliated and within seconds she had Iva on the mat and had locked a combination bodyscissors and headlock on the Czech fighter who was quickly forced to submit.
The third session started with Eveline taking Iva to the mat in a headlock, but Iva fought back by locking her legs around Eveline’s abdomen and applying a chin-pull. This move hadn’t succeeded in the second session and it didn’t work now. Eveline fought her way out of the hold and onto feet to attack Iva. The Czech fighter counter attacked by grabbing Eveline in a headlock, but the Hungarian fighter skilfully manoeuvred Iva between her thighs and locked her ankles together to apply a powerful bodyscissors that brought an immediately submission from Iva. With that submission the referee (Jeff the Ref) brought the fight to an end and declared Eveline the winner by 3 points to nil.

Semi-final against Schatzy

Whilst the first two rounds of the tournament were held on the first night of the summer games under floodlights, the semi-final fights took place the next day in daylight. In this semi-final Eveline faced Schatzy who was a newcomer to DWW. Schatzy’s two previous fights had been relatively easy, so she was likely to face her first real test in this match. However, with an extra two inches in height and a weight advantage of 15lbs the fight could also be a challenge for Eveline.
Eveline attacked immediately the fight started and took Schatzy to the mat in a headlock. Schatzy fought back by forcing Eveline’s head back in a chin-pull that went on for well over a minute. Abruptly Eveline released the headlock, but before Schatzy could escape Eveline locked her legs round Schatzy’s waist in a bodyscissors. Schatzy fought desperately to escape, but with every move Eveline tightened her scissors hold until after 40 seconds of being squeezed Schatzy cried out her submission.
Eveline started the second session by leaping onto Schatzy and locking her legs around Schatzy’s waist to take her to the mat. Schatzy pushed at Eveline’s face to break the bodyscissors, but Eveline responded by moving Schatzy onto her back and going for a pindown. Eveline very nearly succeeded with a schoolgirl pin, but Schatzy managed to throw her off after a count of four. Having failed with her first attempted pin Eveline now tried to put Schatzy onto her back for a bodypress pin. Unfortunately at this point Schatzy’s left shoulder was injured when Eveline tried to rotate her onto her back. Schatzy submitted and subsequently, due to the shoulder injury, had to retire from the contest giving the fight to Eveline with a score of 2-0.

Final against Anita

The finalists, Eveline and Anita, were experienced DWW fighters both having made their debut at the summer games in 1995. It doesn’t seem as if they had fought one another at that event, so this was to be their first match. Anita had the advantage that she was some 3 inches taller than Eveline and weighed some 14lbs more.
Eveline started the action by taking Anita to the mat and immediately opting to try for a pin. Anita fought back vigorously, but Eveline kept up the pressure with a series of pin attempts including a stretch pin and a grapevine pin. Despite Anita’s best efforts Eveline eventually succeeded in taking the pin to a count of 5 after just 2 minutes of fighting.
The second session restarted and once again Eveline went onto the attack trying to secure a second pin. Although this fight was to be decided by pins and submissions, it seems that neither fighter wanted to attempt a submission hold. Eveline tried repeatedly to pin her opponent, but each time Anita was able to fight her way out of the danger. The series of photos below show some of the pin attempts made during the match. After 10 minutes of fighting the match ended with Eveline being declared the winner of the fight and the contest by 1-0.

Eveline’s fights with Tina at the DWW in 1996

January 1996

In January 1996 DWW organised a series of private fights in Budapest, some topless and some nude, and they invited Tina to add some international competition to their line up of Hungarian fighters. Tina had fours fights in total, two in the nude against Andrea and Orsolya, and two topless ones against Marietta and Eveline. It was the fight against Eveline that was to be the hardest and the most bad tempered of these encounters. Jeff the Ref refereed the fight which was held in a ring with a heavily padded mat. Eveline had won all her fights since the DWW summer event of 1995 and she looked pretty confident and relaxed as the referee introduced her to the camera. Tina returned her opponent’s confident demeanour with a look that could be interpreted as smug or condescending. The two fighters did shake hands before starting the fight, but that was the last gesture of friendliness we were going to see in this fight.
As usual Eveline made the first move by grabbing Tina in a headlock and taking her to the mat, but the Swedish fighter retaliated by locking her legs round Eveline in a tight bodyscissors. Tina showed her incredible flexibility by maintaining the scissor hold despite Eveline’s best efforts to dislodge her. At one point Eveline trapped Tina in a serious looking folded position that had the referee asking if the Swede wanted to submit (see photo below). Tina managed to break out Eveline’s grip and re-established the bodyscissors as the fight moved to the edge of the ring and off the padded mat. Eveline fought her way out of the bodyscissors, but before she could reset Tina trapped her in a combination bodyscissors and full nelson. Being trapped in a complex hold like this was a new experience for Eveline and she responded by pushing her thumbs into Tina’s face below the jaw which drew a warning from the referee. Eveline now tried bridging her body to break out of the hold, but when that failed Tina tightening the scissors causing Eveline to grimace in pain. Eveline attacked Tina’s face again this time successfully forcing the Swede to release her holds. The action then moved off the padded mat into the ropes causing the referee to call for a break in the action.

The fight restarted with Eveline once again taking Tina to the mat in a headlock. The Hungarian twisted her opponent’s head and neck hoping to get a submission, but when Tina escaped from that hold Eveline tried for a pin instead. The Swedish fighter managed to roll onto her front in a defensive position, which left Eveline looking frustrated above her. The fight then moved off the mat and into the ropes so the referee called for a break to get the fighters back into the centre of the mat.
Once again the fight restarted with Eveline grabbing Tina in a headlock and taking her to the mat. As in the first session Tina fought back by using her flexibility to get a bodyscissors around Eveline’s abdomen which led to the fighters rolling off the mat and into the ropes, so the referee had to call for a break. This pattern was repeated several times over with the fighters getting frustrated by the frequent interruptions.
Some 20 minutes into the fight this repetitive cycle was broken when, after a reset, Tina took Eveline to the mat in a headlock. Now the greater experience of the Swedish fighter became apparent as she positioned her body away from Eveline and spread her legs wide to stop Eveline rolling her over. As Tina tightened the headlock Eveline attacked her face and throat trying to force Tina to break the hold. The referee warned Eveline about choking, but that did nothing to stop Eveline from attacking Tina’s face and neck. Tina maintained the hold as Eveline, encouraged by her Hungarian teammates’ shouts, made more desperate attempts to break out of the hold. Despite Eveline’s gyrations and the attacks on her face Tina held the headlock tight with the Hungarian’s head pressed hard against her right shoulder. After nearly two minutes in this hold Eveline lost her temper completely and started to slap and scratch at Tina’s face. Seeing things getting out of control the referee called for the fight to stop. Tina released her hold and Eveline pulled away thumping Tina on her back as she went. The Hungarian then leapt to her feet and had to be restrained by the referee from attacking Tina again. The match was ended at this point and the referee made the decision to call it a 0-0 draw.

The referee’s decision to declare this match a draw can certainly be questioned. Eveline clearly lost her temper and behaved badly when she attacked Tina’s face in such a dangerous way. It could be argued that Eveline should have submitted when she found was unable to escape from Tina’s hold and should not have resorted to slapping and scratching at Tina’s face. Doubtless the loud the shouts from the other Hungarian fighters helped to enrage Eveline and this might have contributed to her outburst. Perhaps the referee should have awarded the point and the match to Tina, but that would have probably caused quite a stir amongst the Hungarian supporters. So the fight remained a draw with a rematch to be agreed to settle things.

Summer 1996

Later in 1996 Tina returned to DWW to fight another four fights, two of these were return matches against Eveline and Andrea, the other two were fights against new opponents: Hana and Helga. The fight against Eveline was the most anticipated and the most fraught with risk as the previous fight had had to be stopped by the referee because “things were getting out of hand”.
The fight was held in one of DWW’s regular locations where the wrestling mat was enclosed on 3 sides. This had the distinct advantage that the fight would be more contained and ‘out of bounds’ breaks could be reduced. A small audience located out of view of the camera watched the match. The fight started with the fighters grasping each other in headlocks and twisting themselves to the mat. As soon as they hit the mat Tina locked her legs round Eveline’s waist in a bodyscissors which forced the Hungarian to release her headlock. Eveline forced her arm in between Tina’s legs to try and break the scissors, but then she grimaced as Tina tightened her holds in response. Slowly Eveline turned her head until her chin was over the corner of Tina’s jaw then she pressed down hard driving her chin into Tina’s head and neck (see photo below). It was an inspired move and it quickly brought results when Tina released her headlock. Now instead of trying to grasp Eveline in a headlock Tina tried with all her strength to push Eveline’s head away. In desperation Tina used her amazing flexibly to bring her right leg round to help lever Eveline’s head away from her face, but this didn’t work and Eveline locked a tight headlock on Tina which forced the Swedish fighter to re-establish her bodyscissor hold. Eveline maintained the headlock for some time, but Tina’s bodyscissors were obviously hurting her so she suddenly released the headlock and got to her feet which forced Tina to release her scissors. The two fighters now fell back to the mat and as they did so Tina locked a bodyscissors on Eveline once again. They rolled into the enclosure wall and as Tina tightened her scissors further Eveline started to attack her face as she had done in their first fight (see photo). Tina yelled in alarm and anger causing the referee to move swiftly to stop the fight before things could deteriorate further. Once again Eveline’s temper had got the better of her!

The fight was restarted after a short break to allow tempers to cool and to remind Eveline about the rules. The two wrestlers took up the fight more or less where they had left off with Eveline getting a headlock on Tina who fought back with a bodyscissors. Once again Tina took control with a combination bodyscissors and full nelson hold and once again Eveline retaliated by attacking Tina’s face. It looked as if the referee would have to stop the fight again, but this time the struggling fighters moved hard against wall of the enclosure, which protected Tina’s face from further attack. After a short period Eveline managed to break out of Tina’s holds and then tried unsuccessfully to pin the Swedish fighter. As Tina made her escape from the pin she found herself trapped face down on the mat by Eveline. The Hungarian fighter now turned on the pressure as she slowly levered Tina’s right shoulder back while all the time keeping her trapped against the mat with a bodyscissors. After some 30 seconds in this increasingly painful combination Tina yelled out her submission.

The fight restarted with the two wrestlers dropping to the mat in mutually applied headlocks, but Eveline soon took control by moving over Tina and forcing her to release her headlock. Eveline now adjusted her position and hold to put Tina in a pin. The Swedish wrestler fought hard to stop a count being taken, but she wasn’t able to escape from Eveline’s control. After some 40 seconds Eveline suddenly gave up on the pin and rolled sideways to lock her legs round Tina’s head and left shoulder in a headscissors. Encouraged by her team-mates Eveline tightened her scissor hold until after about 20 seconds Tina submitted for the second time giving the fight to Eveline by 2 falls to 0. After announcing the result the referee congratulated both fighters on managing to control themselves so that the fight could be completed and a winner declared.