Jeff the Ref

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Jeff the Ref

Jeff the Ref in 1996 at DWW
Born Jeff Long
Died April or May 2015
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Jeff Long, popularly known as Jeff the Ref refereed many female wrestling fights from the 1980s until the early 2000s. He worked mainly for Festelle and DWW but also could be seen refereeing matches at several other companies including the German BekaFilm/GMC producer, Les Femmes Fatales and World of Wildcats. He was highly rated by most female fighting enthusiasts, and by the fighters themselves, because he always did the essential parts of the job well - he treated the fighters respectfully, he intervened when necessary but never more than required, and he knew how to position himself so as to avoid blocking the camera angle and spoiling the video footage. Calm, composed and always employing a sense of humour, he encouraged sportsmanship between the fighters and was usually able to defuse difficult situations where tempers were rising before they got completely out of hand. This was especially important in two of his matches where the volatile Tina Bjornson wrestled the equally unpredictable Anita H at Festelle, and fiery Eveline at DWW - (see Tina's Notable Matches).

Astrogalo (of FemFighting blog) also noted that Jeff had ventured into wrestling coaching on one occasion. He appeared in V041 Power Women #1 for Video Sports, wearing a referee's striped shirt but not officiating, and confined himself to being the corner man for Brenda who was well beaten by her opponent despite his presence.