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Born April 17, 1979 (1979-04-17) (age 42)
Brno, Czech Republic
Nationality Czech
Height 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight 112 lb (50.8 kg; 8.0 st)
Wrestles for DWW, Foxy Combat, Fighting Dolls and Les Femmes Fatales
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 11
Losses 16
Draws 1
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Ingrid is a former wrestler for Danube Women Wrestling who's currently based in the USA.

She also competed for Foxy Combat and Fighting Dolls.

Ingrid's known for her aggressive hair pulling tactics and frequently applying headscissors to submit her opponents.

She's one of the very few women who had genuine real-life feuds with fellow DWW fighters, most notably with Nicole who subsequently left the company due to their frequent clashes. She later developed a bitter rivalry with Gloria as well.

Originally from Brno, Czech Republic. She was a police academy cadet when she joined DWW (similar to one of her frequent opponents Monika).

She currently lives in the USA with her husband & children.

Since leaving Europe she's taken part in matches for US-based companies including Les Femmes Fatales where she fought in a 'grudge match' vs Nicole Oring (December 2012) and - together with her Czech friend Sharon - a round-robin tournament vs Robin (January 2013).

Notable matches

Reviews of some of Ingrid's most notable matches.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Ingrid's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links
January 2013 Les Femmes Fatales V489 Sharon 8-3 Catfight Topless Ingrid scores multiple school-girl pins, headscissors & bodyscissors. Link to match
2012 Fighting Dolls FD0249 Pia 8-2 Catfight Topless Includes dress-ripping, slapping & hair pulling. Link to match
2010 DWW MOVIES-985 Antonia 1-9 Pins & Submissions Topless Fight at the October 2010 Live Event. Link to match
2010 DWW MOVIES-862 Gloria 0-5 Pins & Submissions Link to match
2010/02/25 DWW MOVIES-845 Jana N 0-4 Catfight Blouse & Skirts / Topless Ingrid submits to three headscissors & hairpulling neck crank. Link to match
2010/01/14 DWW MOVIES-824 Antonia 1-1 Oil Catfight Nude Ingrid applies a school-girl pin, submits to bodyscissors. Link to match
2009 DWW MOVIES-778 Gloria Rtd Catfight Lingerie Gloria leads 4-2 on submissions but quits the fight after losing clumps of hair. Verbal animosity in one of DWW's most bad-tempered fights. Link to match
2007 Foxy Combat 07-096 FC Challenge Club Paula 5-0 Catfight Bikini Ingrid dominates the taller opponent with five headscissors. Link to match
2006 DWW FOM-217 Luzia 1-5 Pins only Topless Luzia is too strong, scoring 5 consecutive body press and cross-body press pins before Ingrid scores a consolation pin Link to match
2005 DWW DWW-468 Antonia 3-6 Catfight Topless Apartment catfight with hairpulling. N/A
March 2005 DWW DWW-371-01 Lucy H 1-2 Pins & Submissions Bikini /Topless Ten-second headlock pins each before Ingrid submits to bodyscissors. Link to match
2005 DWW DWW-361-02 Dolores 7-1 Pins & Submissions Naked Ingrid had far too much know-how for her opponent, racking up multiple body-press and face-sit pins as well as a head-scissors submission. Link to match
2004 DWW FOM-213 Pettula 4-7 Catfight Non-topless Unlimited falls. Ingrid wins the last fall but retires from the fight. Link to match
2000 DWW DWW-214 Arena Catfights Eva 1-2 Catfight Topless Ingrid submits to headscissors and bodyscissors despite taking control in all three falls. N/A
2000 DWW DWW-214 Arena Catfights Antonia 2-3 Catfight Topless Violent hair pulling. Ingrid applies headscissors twice but submits to three bodyscissors in Antonia's come-from-behind victory. N/A
1999 DWW FOM-478 Lenka 3-2 Pins & Submissions Topless Special rules; three falls with one pin & one submission required to win. Ingrid wins with a cross body pin. headlock & headscissors. Link to match
1999 DWW FOM-445 Melanie 0-3 Pins & Submissions Topless Ingrid submits to reverse headscissors, bodyscissors & a cross-body pin. Link to match
1999 DWW DWW-162-04 Hairpulling Spectacular Hella 4-1 Catfight Topless From DWW Summer 1999 Live Event. Ingrid applies three headscissors & a headlock. Includes violent hairpulling. N/A
1999 DWW DWW-152 Lenka 4-2 Pins only Tops/Hip-Huggers Also FOM-611. First fight between future rivals. Ingrid uses her trademark headlock several times. N/A
1999 DWW DWW-145 Oil Crisis Timea C 0-1 Oil Wrestling Topless Ingrid defeated with a 5 sec. pin. N/A
1998 DWW FOM-461 Monika 5-1 Pins only Topless From DWW Summer 1998 Live Event. 20 seconds controlled pins. Includes several headlocks. Link to match
1998 DWW EU-81 Domination Hairpulling Fights Monika ??? Catfight Bra & panties One of Ingrid's most dominant fights against a frequent opponent. Violent hair pulling & several headscissors. N/A
1998 DWW DWW-135 The DAVID-Cup Kriszta 2-3 Pins & Submissions Naked Good competitive fight with some hair pulling. N/A
1998 DWW DWW-116 Historical Fights Annamaria 0-3 Catfight Topless Ingrid submits to hair pulling camel clutch, armlock & headscissors. "Cave girl" theme with violent hair pulling. N/A
1998 DWW DWW-115 Eva's Evolution Eva 3-1 Pins & Submissions Two piece Catfight - takes place in DWW cellar. N/A
1998 DWW DWW-109 WWC 1998 Catfights Nicole 2-3 Submissions only Topless Fight at the Women's Wrestling Convention in San Diego. Ingrid applies headscissors & reverse SG-pin but submits to bodyscissors, chin pull & reverse chin pull lock. N/A
1997 DWW DWW-107 Catfight Championship Renata 2-3 Submissions only Topless Catfight in DWW cellar location. N/A
1997 DWW DWW-100 The Mother of All Catfights Nicole 0-2 Pins & Submissions Topless Also FOM-372. One of the longest (over 40 mins.) DWW catfights between two bitter rivals. Ingrid submits to bodyscissors & a schoolgirl pin. N/A

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