Lucy Gresty

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Lucy Gresty

Lucy @ Festelle
Born March 25, 1973 (1973-03-25) (age 51)
Nationality English
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 125 lb (56.7 kg; 8.9 st)
Wrestles for Festelle, World of Wildcats, TopCatz and Catfight Connection
Years active 1989 - date
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Losses 2
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Sexy curvaceous Lucy Gresty was one of the major stars of Festelle, making numerous appearances over many years in mainly glamour and/or semi-competitive wrestling and boxing matches. In 1987 she started working as a glamour model and exotic dancer from where she then became involved in the female fighting scene, starting wrestling for Festelle in 1989. As time went on she tended to be involved in non-competitive, purely erotic action with her beautiful breasts usually the target of her opponent's attention. She was a fans' favourite, invariably showing off her dazzling smile and stunning figure to good effect. Her two matches with Mandy P are classics but she always produced good performances, no matter which genre she was taking part in.

She also made two appearances in semi-competitive bouts for World of Wildcats in 1989, notable mainly because one of her opponents was the ubiquitous Tina Bjornson.

Later in her career she worked frequently for Kontex in their explicit "LGF" and "PCF" series videos - one of her regular opponents in these matches was Axa Jay. She is still active in the erotic wrestling scene, currently being part of the roster at Catfight Connection.

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Notable Matches

Lucy Gresty vs. Mandy P

E4-3 Topless Wrestling

This was a somewhat unusual bout for two reasons. Firstly, it was classified under Festelle's "E" category which applied to erotically-themed matches which were usually semi-competitive at most, but this was definitely a competitive match. Secondly it featured Lucy Gresty wrestling competitively - Lucy made more appearances for Festelle than almost any other wrestler but practically all were semi-competitive/erotic so this 15-minute pins and submissions bout was something different for her.

The fight began with the girls testing each other out with Lucy being the more aggressive, repeatedly rushing at Mandy trying to get her into a headlock. Mandy then put Lucy on the mat and attempted to hold a SG pin, and then after Lucy had wriggled free caught her in body-scissors. After some time and effort Lucy broke free and renewed her rushing tactics but it was Mandy who got the hold and threw Lucy to the mats in a side-headlock. After some vigorous grappling on the floor the girls got to their feet - Lucy was once again trying to take the initiative but her efforts were visibly tiring her while Mandy was looking cool and confident. Lucy was again thrown to the mats but then managed to roll Mandy into a body-scissors/head-lock combination which she held for some time before Mandy broke free and attempted to get a straddle pin. She was not strong enough to hold the pin but when Lucy tried to move away she was able to get behind her and apply a camel-clutch/chin-grab from a standing position. Lucy battled for some while to escape but could not and was forced to submit in some distress. At this point Lucy looked ready to quit, but fortunately she regained her composure and continued the bout. On resumption Lucy had a straddle pin on Mandy, but then when Mandy rolled clear she missed her chance to catch her opponent in the same hold which had led to her own submission. Mandy then put her on the mat and held her in an lengthy SG pin, but Lucy showed her grit by refusing to submit and by eventually dislodging her opponent. Time was up shortly afterwards and the match awarded to Mandy who looked barely out of breath in contrast to Lucy who was red-faced and panting from her efforts. Both girls deserved the applause from the onlookers for a vigorous hard-fought contest.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Lucy's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1989 Festelle E4-3 Mandy P 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Mandy and Lucy got serious in this bout with Mandy forcing Lucy to submit with a painful chin-grab/choke hold - see Notable matches Link to match Mandy-Lucy02.jpg
1989 Festelle FV67-2 Wrestling Beauties Clarissa 0-5 Pins & submissions Topless Powerful Clarissa possessed far too much strength and technique for Lucy, who suffered an emphatic and punishing defeat Link to match Lucy-Clarissa01.jpg

Semi-competitive and erotic female wrestling record

A list of Lucy's semi-competitive and erotic F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1989 Festelle E4-1 Eve G Erotic wrestling Topless Lucy and Eve enjoyed a sensual grappling match, combining wrestling moves and holds with some uninhibited breast-mauling Link to match Lucy-Eve01.JPG
1989 Festelle E4-5 Mandy P Erotic oil wrestling Topless Mandy and Lucy were very easy on the eye as they oiled each other up, grappled, breast-mauled and slithered around on the canvas Link to match Mandy-Lucy01.jpg
1990? Festelle FV76-3 Glamour Boxing Teresa-May Boxing Topless Lucy and Teresa-May went through the motions of sparring in a non-competitive match with some gentle but nice-looking action Link to match Lucy-Teresa01.jpg
1990? Festelle FV82-2 Bindi's Struggles Bindi Apartment wrestling Clothed to naked Bindi and Lucy mauled each others breasts before Bindi stripped her opponent naked and subjected her to forward and reverse face-sit pins Link to match Bindi-Lucy10.jpg
1990? Festelle OF1-1 Erotic Oil Frolics Bindi Erotic oil wrestling Topless to naked A completely non-competitive oil-wrestling bout in which Lucy and her opponent carried out a selection of gentle wrestling moves on each other Link to match Lucy-Bindi01.jpg
1990? Festelle OF4-1 Erotic Oil Frolics Teresa-May Erotic oil wrestling Topless to naked A completely non-competitive oil-wrestling bout in which Lucy and her opponent carried out a selection of gentle wrestling moves on each other Link to match Lucy-Teresa02.jpg
1989 World of Wildcats WV-106 Brawling Sisters Tina 1-0 Submissions Topless Lucy applied a cross-knee back breaker hold to win a submission Link to match WV106 Tina-Lucy02.jpg
1989 World of Wildcats WV-115-2 Mauled Model Heather W Erotic catfight Topless Lucy and Heather indulged in plenty of breast-mauling with a little slapping thrown in as Heather showed Lucy who was top girl Link to match Lucy-Heather01.jpg
1992 Festelle E13-2 Nude Pin Wrestling Becky A Erotic wrestling Naked A completely non-competitive breast-mauling apartment fight in which Becky carried out a selection of gentle wrestling moves on Lucy Link to match Lucy-Becky01.jpg
1992 Festelle E13-3 Nude Pin Wrestling Anita H Erotic wrestling Naked A completely non-competitive apartment fight in which Anita carried out a selection of gentle wrestling moves on submissive Lucy Link to match AnitaH-LucyG.jpg
1993 Festelle E29-1 Erotic Nude Wrestling Sam Jones Erotic wrestling Naked A sensual non-competitive apartment match in which breast-mauling was the principal method of attack by both girls Link to match Lucy-SamJ01.jpg
1993? Festelle E32-1 Sam Jones Erotic catfight Clothed to topless An apartment catfight soon became a mutual breast-mauling extravaganza as Lucy and Sam enjoyed each others' bodies Link to match FES Sam-Lucy05.jpg