World of Wildcats

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World of Wildcats

World of Wildcats logo.
Location Isle of Man (original) / Edinburgh Scotland (later)
Years active 1986 - 1995?

World of Wildcats

World of Wildcats, usually abbreviated to WoW, was a longstanding producer of women's wrestling and boxing videos across a wide range of genres. They featured full-on competitive non-topless boxing filmed at the Scottish Sparta boxing club, themed semi-competitive apartment wrestling, both topless and non-topless, and topless semi-competitive bouts fought on mats. In a similar fashion to TPC there were no referees present and no full nudity. Most of the topless bouts were restrained catfight-style with hair-pulling and breast-mauling, but one or two did become a little more vigorous and serious.

It is unclear if the company has ever had its own website - it certainly pre-dated Internet and traded videos direct to customers as did the WWFF operation in the Channel Isles which WoW absorbed in 1992. It also issued a physical catalogue of products on a regular basis. The items in the catalogue are still available in the main as downloads, spread across three suppliers :-




Notable Wrestlers

Most of the wrestlers working for WoW seemed to be models and/or adult actresses, and they seemed to have worked for this company alone. However the ubiquitous Tina made one appearance as did Festelle's Lucy when the two met for a gentle wrestling match.