Bavarian Wildcats

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Bavarian Wildcats

Ira and Natascha @ Bavarian Wildcats)
Location Munich Germany
Years active 1986? - 1989?
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Bavarian Wildcats was a female wrestling group formed by Dieter Bruckner and Albert Ploetz around 1986. These two were also involved with Erich Klinger, who had been connected with Old LGIS in the 1970's, in an attempt to resurrect the original concept in 1985, the result being the GMC. The Bavarian Wildcats group switched the focus from live events to videos and, unlike GMC, concentrated on wrestling only. Dieter Bruckner was also involved in the set-up of Beka-Film - this company provided an outlet for the sale and distribution of both Bavarian Wildcats and GMC products. Information is hard to come by but it appears that these two Munich-based companies co-existed for a few years, and that both ceased operations at around the same time. Beka-Film subsequently transformed into AS Film but the new company continued to distribute the videos as before and they remain readily available. It is also clear that Erich Klinger was unhappy with the new rival company which was run by Ploetz, and felt that his trust had been betrayed by Bruckman who now had a clear conflict of interests since Bavarian Wildcats was a direct competitor for GMC.

Bavarian Wildcats had an almost exclusively German roster of wrestlers, many of whom took part in numerous bouts. Several of their girls also competed in GMC events, and two of these, Silke Roth and Ira, who preferred boxing to wrestling were later to join the New LGIS group formed in 1993 by Erich Klinger, becoming regulars in this group. Bavarian Wildcats wrestling bouts were fully competitive topless or naked matches, but were also invariably sporting and fought fairly with a referee normally present. A few bouts took place on mats in a gym setting - probably sharing the same location used by GMC - and a few were fought outdoors, but in the main the matches took place on mats in confined areas surrounded by padded walls on three sides, similar to the setup frequently used by DWW.

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