German Mat Club

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German Mat Club

Rita @German Mat Club (GMC)
Location Munich Germany
Years active 1985 - 1989?
Website various (see below)

German Mat Club (GMC) was formed by Erich Klinger and other people who had had connections with Old LGIS in the 1970's and who then tried to resurrect the original concept in 1985, the result being the German Mat Club. Well-known referee Jeff Long was associated with the group from the beginning and was frequently to be seen officiating in wrestling and boxing matches - the major difference between the new group and its predecessor was that wrestling was of equal importance to boxing. This group switched the focus from live events to videos (though it still held live events in front of small audiences, much like DWW). In 1986 one of the original founders withdrew due to ill-health and his place was taken by Dieter Bruckner who was subsequently involved in the set-up of Beka-Film - this company provided an outlet for the sale and distribution of GMC products. A dispute later arose over these distribution rights and the group fell apart in the late 80s. A third partner - Albert Ploetz - had become associated with the group while at the same time running a similar enterprise in partnership with Dieter Bruckner only - this was known as Bavarian Wildcats and was in large part responsible for the breakdown of the Klinger-Bruckner partnership since these two companies were essentially competing with each other therefore Bruckner had a clear conflict of interests as he distributed both products. GMC had a roster of mostly German fighters, many of whom took part in numerous bouts. The best known names in the company roster were Gerti Langner, a veteran of Old LGIS who had fought in their final event many years earlier, and Susanne but other regular competitors in this group were Crys, Petra, Petsi, Rita, Sandra and Vera. There were also occasional visiting fighters including Susan and Sally from England. Some GMC fighters, particularly those who preferred boxing to wrestling, were later to join the New LGIS group formed in 1993 by Erich Klinger with assistance from Cassia - for example Christiane, Ira and Silke became regulars in this group.

This is a (roughly translated) quote from the earliest version of the Beka-Film website :-

German Mat Club was established in autumn of 1985. Lots of young girls applied for membership spontaneously. They wanted to learn about and practise this fascinating combat–sport. The girls were determined to enter fully into it, and show their will to win by engaging themselves with all their hearts and minds. Thus developed a way in which young girls, though inexperienced but all the more enthusiastic, are able to demonstrate fights of refreshing and natural intensity.

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