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LGIS (New)

Cassia and Christiane @ LGIS (New)
Location Munich Germany
Years active 1993 - 2000?
Website various (see below)

The second incarnation of the Liberal Girls International SportClub - better known as LGIS (New) - was a female/mixed wrestling and boxing video production company founded in Munich, Germany in 1993. It had its origins in both the defunct companies LGIS (Old) and GMC.

The company had a complicated history, beginning with the founding of LGIS (Old) in 1976 by Fred Strothmann and Erich Klinger together with Angie Simons. By 1981 this company had ceased to exist, mainly due to the ill-health of Fred and declining interest/involvement on the part of Angie. Erich, and others formerly connected with the company, then decided to try to resurrect the original concept in 1985, the result being the GMC. Erich was in partnership at this time with Dieter Bruckner, who was also co-owner of Beka-Film, and the GMC videos were made available for purchase via that company. Later on, some kind of dispute arose over this arrangement and GMC also fell apart in the late 80s.

By 1993 Erich was ready to try another relaunch - Fred had unfortunately died in the interim, and after Fred's death Erich got back the sole rights to the LGIS (Old) back catalogue, consisting of the only existing original movies of about 100 previous fights (1977-1980). Angie also became involved with the project though not as an active participant. The intention was that the newly-formed LGIS (New) would provide a outlet for the sale and distribution of these original videos while also holding its own events and matches to create and sell new material of its own. The first boxing tournament was held before a small audience in 1994 and there was at least one such boxing or wrestling tournament per year throughout the rest of the 90's. In addition there were numerous individual matches of all categories staged in gymnasium settings over those years. The range of fights was considerable, with full-on boxing right through to semi-erotic wrestling but competitive boxing action was always the major component. Erich commented that, despite the acrimonious break-up of their previous partnership, he stuck with an agreement he had made with Bruckner to concentrate heavily on boxing because both felt that the market would be swamped if there were two wrestling products in competition with each other in the same area.

The 1994 tournament featured a newcomer, Cassia (Nicole), who rapidly became the focal point of the group. Designated as "Captain" or sometimes vice-president, she fought in a huge number of competitive matches of all types while also refereeing bouts, introducing/interviewing fighters and generally being the face of the company. Most of the company roster consisted of girls with previous experience at GMC including Christiane, Silke Roth, Ira, Claudia and Marion. In several cases ex-GMC girls chose LGIS (New) over Beka-Film as they preferred boxing to wrestling and this company emphasised the former throughout its existence. One other newcomer also made a huge impression - English student Jenny Dawson who proved to be a real fans favourite with her good looks and fearless boxing style.

There was also briefly a branch group based in Regensburg affiliated to LGIS (New) known as Reg-Gang. This was a small group of ten or so fighting enthusiasts who came together in 1998 and generated some videos which were sold by the main company.

By around 2000 the whole group seemed to have become dormant with no new material appearing. However in 2003-2004 there was another, short-lived revival, this time fronted by middle-aged fight enthusiast Thalli but with Cassia still involved. This group set up a new website - Munich Wildcats - and for a time their new videos together with all ex-LGIS videos were available there. The site was also affiliated to the Kontex network for several years. The revived company seemed to be operating on a very low budget with matches staged in ordinary rooms in houses, and with only a small roster of girls to work with. All activity had ceased by around 2007.

Web Sites

All the sites which originally handled LGIS products are either defunct or inactive. These included :-





The only known vendor for LGIS at present is http://www.rockin-roxanne.com

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