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Christiane © GMC
Born 1963
Nationality German
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight 134 lb (60.8 kg; 9.6 st)
Wrestles for LGIS (New) and German Mat Club
Years active 1994 - 2007
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 3
Losses 5
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Slim Christiane was one of the roster of wrestlers working for the GMC producer in the 1980's. When that company folded she, along with several other ex-GMC fighters, transferred to the newly-emerging LGIS (New) company - it appeared that this group of girls preferred boxing to wrestling so that the boxing-orientated LGIS (New) setup suited them better.

She took part in the inaugural LGIS (New) 1994 tournament and, after defeating Silke Roth and Lena S, featured in the final against the then-newcomer Nicole Hartwig AKA Cassia, who subsequently became the focal point of the group. Although physically smaller than her opponent she made her superior boxing skills count and had demolished the blonde boxer by the third round.

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Notable opponents

Christiane's most regular opponent was Cassia against whom she was involved in memorable boxing and wrestling matches at LGIS (New). She also boxed against Silke Roth and Jenny Dawson at LGIS (New), while her wrestling opponents at GMC included Kerstin, Sandra and Silke.

Competitive female boxing and wrestling record

A list of Christiane's competitive F/F boxing and wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1992 German Mat Club GM 2162-4 Alexandra 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Alexandra once again shows great determination but cannot score against an experienced opponent Link to match Christiane-Yvonne1.jpg
1993 LGIS (New) MW-5-7 Brenda U KO Boxing Topless Brenda and Christiane jointly agreed on a fight to a finish with no counting of points, so the referee allowed them to pound each other all around the ring. There were knockdowns on both sides but the bout ended with a dramatic conclusion in the fifth round when Brenda landed a ferocious body punch which not only flattened Christiane but sent her through the ropes and out of the ring. No count was necessary as Christiane sprawled beaten on the gym floor N/A Christiane-Brenda1.jpg
1994 LGIS (New) MW-5-7 Cassia KO Boxing Topless Cassia and Christiane met in the final of the 8-girl 1994 tournament - Cassia was bigger but Christiane had more boxing experience. Cassia went straight onto the attack but lacked defensive skills so she was soon taking many hard and well placed punches. At the end of the 2nd round Cassia seemed to have shot her bolt and was knocked down for the first time. The end came in the 3rd round when, after another series of telling punches, Christiane sent her again to the canvas N/A New-LGIS04.jpg
1995 LGIS (New) MW-6-5 Silke Roth KO Boxing Topless Silke and her old rival Christiane met in the second semi-final of the 1995 boxing tournament. Christiane started the bout with some furious attacks and clearly aimed to finish the fight as soon as possible, but it soon became clear that Silke did not intend to be an easy victim. The girls traded punch for punch and Christiane began to struggle with a swollen eye as Silke took control. In the fifth round she was knocked down heavily and the referee stopped the match despite her protests N/A SilkeR-Christiane3.jpg
1995 LGIS (New) MW-7-4 Cassia KO Boxing Topless Cassia and Christiane boxed in a challenge bout - both girls were fully committed and the action was unrelenting as heavy punches were constantly exchanged. At first it appeared Cassia was sure to win as she bullied her lighter opponent from corner to corner and roughed her up in clinches - however Christiane had staying power and waited for Cassia to tire. At that point she launched her own attack and soon had Cassia in trouble before delivering a KO punch to end the bout N/A Cassia-Christiane2.jpg
1995 LGIS (New) MW-8-5 Cassia KO Boxing Topless Cassia was keen to take revenge on Christiane for her KO defeat in the previous 1994 tournament. In the first rounds it was again Christiane who had the better punches against the constantly attacking Cassia, and as result she floored her twice with Cassia needing to take eight-counts to be able to recover. But in the fourth round Christiane was caught cold by a fierce punch which put her on the canvas, and though she tried to get back on her feet the referee had already counted her out N/A Cassia-Christiane1.jpg
1995 LGIS (New) MW-11-1 Jenny Dawson KO Boxing Topless Christiane started the bout strongly and forced Jenny to box defensively to avoid her accurate punching. It seemed a certainty that she would win the bout comfortably, but as time went on the resilient Jenny began to assert herself and then to take charge. Jenny was increasingly able to find her target with her punches and finally was able to drive Christiane into a corner and unleash a flurry of blows which saw Christiane slump to the canvas, unable to continue N/A Jenny-Christiane10.jpg
1996 LGIS (New) MW-3-1 Cassia 0-2 Catfight & submissions Naked Cassia and Christiane staged a brutal naked catfight with minimal rules in which bare-knuckle punching was allowed as well as hair-pulling, breast-mauling and choking. Both girls clearly intended to hand out a punishing beating to the other and the action was savage at times despite their personal friendship. Cassia's greater strength told in the end and she forced two submissions from her lighter opponent who was left beaten and exhausted on the mat N/A Cassia-Christiane3.jpg