Fighting Females Fantasy Films (4FFilms)

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Fighting Female Fantasy Films (4FFilms)

Fighting Female Fantasy Films (4FFilms)
Location USA
Years active 1990 - 1993?

Fighting Female Fantasy Films (4FFilms) was a female wrestling, catfighting and boxing video production company, based on the US west coast. It operated for a period of time, probably in the early 1990's judging by the youthful appearance of some of the wrestlers involved - these included some well-known fighters such as Robin, Tina, Denise, Candi, Kristie and Red S. It had a variety of matches, mostly themed or semi-competitive, but there were a few which were fought for real.

Not much is known about the company other than it appears to pre-date the Internet. When founded it made use of brochures to sell videos to customers by mail and never originally had a website. It is known that the company founder died and that for a while all sales ceased - however from 2004-2006 a website was active in selling videos once again as before as well as DVD versions, but there was still no download facility. This website also ceased in 2006 and the only means of purchasing 4FFilm material is now - a certain number of original videos have been converted and can be bought as downloads from this site.

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