Kelli Thomas

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Kelli Thomas

Candi @ Steel Kittens
Born Kelli Thomas
Died 30/04/16
Heart attack
Other names Candi
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight 111 lb (50.3 kg; 7.9 st)
Wrestles for Cal Supreme, Leather & Lace, DT Wrestling, JMRolen and Joan Wise Productions
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 13
Losses 11
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Kelli Thomas, better known by the name Candi, was an iconic figure in the world of female fighting, a vastly experienced wrestler and boxer who fought in a huge number of bouts for numerous companies. Small, blonde, vivacious, with a trademark gap-toothed grin, she was massively popular with enthusiasts who appreciated her fearless approach and engaging personality. She had been fighting for many years in matches including competitive and semi-competitive wrestling, semi-competitive boxing and erotic wrestling, and she was still active on the female combat scene until around 2006. In addition to her wrestling and boxing activities she maintained a career in adult movies throughout the 1990's, appearing in numerous videos, normally using her real name of Kelli Thomas.

Her most competitive matches were at Cal Supreme and Arena Girls whereas her many bouts at Leather & Lace, DT Wrestling, Steel Kittens were far more scripted, although equally enjoyable to watch. She also wrestles for Joan Wise Productions which has her listed as 5'9 138, but looking at photos of her with other fighters it seems more likely that she was about 5'2" tall.

Sadly, news of her death was announced in May 2016. It was reported that she had suffered a heart attack connected to complications from diabetes on 30th April at the age of only 43 years.

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Notable Opponents

Due to the sheer number of fights in which she took part, Candi was matched at one time or another against most of the best known female wrestlers and boxers. She had particular rivalries with Tina, Angella, Francesca Le, and Santana, each of whom she fought on several occasions, but she also took on Robin, Jasae, Christine, Hollywood, Denise and Jewell Marceau amongst others.

Competitive female wrestling record

A list of Kelli's competitive F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1992? Arena Girls Tina 1-0 Submissions Topless Possibly the first of the many fights between Tina and Candi - the two fight in the ring until Tina submits the match Not available AG45-1.jpg
1992? Leather & Lace LL-003 The Blonde Intruder Robin KO Non-competitive 2 vs 1 wrestling and belly-punching Bikini Robin beats up Tina and Candi individually but is then beaten up herself when they join forces Link to match Robin-Tina-Candy.jpg
1992? Leather & Lace LL-10 Denise Submissions only Bikini Denise takes Candi through her repertoire of holds and moves as she demonstrates her superiority Link to match Denise-CandyLL10.jpg
1992? Leather & Lace LL-11 Denise Catfight Lingerie Semi-competitive catfighting session in which Denise dominates Candi Link to match Denise-CandyLL11.jpg
1992? Leather & Lace LL-12 Denise Submissions only Bikini Denise works Candi over using body and head scissors to subdue her opponent Link to match Denise-CandyLL12.jpg
1993? Straddle Productions SP7 Jodi 9-3 Pins and submissions Topless Candi teaches bigger Jodi a lesson, scoring with body press pins, face-sit pins and scissors Link to match Candi-Jodi01.jpg
1993? Cal Supreme VT-181 Santana 3-2 Pins and submissions Topless Candi narrowly wins a rather bad-tempered fight with her arch-rival, with Ron needing to remind them of the rules Link to match Candi-Santana-181-01.jpg
1993? Cal Supreme VT-184-2 Santana KO Boxing Topless No love lost as Santana and Candi pound each other to the canvas before Candi suffers a bloody nose and has to quit N/a Candi-Santana-184-02.jpg
1993? Cal Supreme VT-197 Francesca Le TKO Boxing Topless Candi got a bloody nose in an intense slugfest but went on to force Francesca to quit after she had taken multiple knockdowns Link to match Candi-Fran-197-04.jpg
1993/94 Steel Kittens SK-39 "Breathless" Jasae KO Apartment catfight Bikini Some athletic action before Jasae took charge and, as per the title, finished Candi off by choking and smothering her repeatedly Link to match SK Jasae-Candi01.jpg
1993/94 Steel Kittens SK-48 "Rent Control" Tina 0-1 Bedroom lingerie fight Topless Fight between supposed students Link to match SK Tina-Candi01.jpg
1994? Academy Wrestling SOAP 79 Chantel Lace Erotic submission wrestling Topless to naked Chantel gradually gets the better of Candi and by the end of the match has her beaten and helpless Link to match Chantel-Candi79.jpg
1994 Joan Wise PC 006 "The whole 9 yards" Tina 0-1 Lesbian catfight Naked Tina sexually dominates Candi Link to match PC-006 Tina-Candi01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise PC 108 "Collision" Alecia TKO Catfight wrestling Bikini to naked Candi softens Alecia up with 3 head scissors submissions then destroys her with prolonged face-sit pins Link to match Candi-Alecia01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise PC 110 "A long hard day" Electra TKO Catfight wrestling Clothed to naked Candi hands out a punishing wrestling lesson to Electra, finishing her off with a humiliating submission Link to match Candi-Electra01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise - Jaguar Video JV 104a "Midnight Madness" Tina 1-0 Submissions Naked Non-competitive, but some nice sexy holds Link to match Tina-Candi01.jpg
1993? Leather & Lace LL-025-2 All Nude Boxing Teresa TKO Boxing / Wrestling Naked Boxing match degenerates into a naked brawl with Candi using a face-sit pin to settle the fight Link to match Candi-Teresa10.jpg
1994? Leather & Lace LL-035-1 Pantyhose Boxing Teresa KO Boxing Topless in pantyhose Evenly-matched boxing bout until Candi is able to get the upper hand and finish Teresa off Link to match Candi-Teresa11.jpg
1994? Leather & Lace LL-036-1 Topless Boxing Tournament Tina KO Boxing Topless Semi-competitive bout featuring some good-looking action Link to match Tina-Candi50.jpg
1995 Leather & Lace LL-058 Knock Out Boxing II Tina KO Boxing Topless Semi-competitive bout featuring some good-looking action Link to match LL058 Tina-Candi01.jpg
1996? Steel Kittens SK-101 "Topless Trouble" Santana KO Pins and submissions Topless Great-looking match which lasted over 30 minutes before Candi was unable to continue and conceded the bout Link to match SK-101.jpg
1997? Special Interests SV-253 Tasha KO Boxing Topless Hard-hitting action and numerous knockdowns as the girls lay into one another with some venom N/a Candi-Tasha02.jpg
2000 Vid Tech Apartment Catfight #13 Francesca Le TKO Catfight Wrestling Bikini to naked Both girls are in charge at times before Francesca takes control and humiliates Candi N/a Fran-Candi02.jpg
2001 Tigra Sports RPGV-07 (Genesis Series) Francesca Le 4-2 Catfight Wrestling Naked A sensational 40-minute brawl with each wrestler determined to win and prepared to hurt her opponent to do so Link to match Fran-Candi10.jpg

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Kelli's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.