Steel Kittens

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Steel Kittens
Location Lakeside Arizona USA
Years active 1986 - present

Steel Kittens Productions was founded in 1986 by Belinda Belle, who had been a prominent wrestler at Golden Girls and DT Wrestling, and who was significantly involved in the making of the women's wrestling movie American Angels-Baptism of Blood. As well as being the company owner she also competed in numerous matches of all kinds.

Belle inherited the ring in which Mildred Burke trained and filmed countless great female athletes, and the company ethos is that Steel Kittens is the natural extension of her values of great women's wrestling, mixed wrestling and female wrestling entertainment. In addition to their own huge catalogue of wrestling, catfighting, wrestling fantasy and boxing videos, Steel Kittens is also the vendor of a wide range of professional wrestling videos, some of which date all the way back to the 1950's.

Notable Wrestlers

Many of the best-known wrestlers have either started or expanded their careers by working at Steel Kittens - among them are :-

Ariel X, Candi, Christine, Denise, Jasae, Hollywood, Liz Lightspeed, Mutiny, Pam Manning, Raven (Nancy), Robin, Santana, Shelly, Tasha and Tina