Hollywould Productions

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Hollywould Productions

© Hollywould Productions
Years active 1998 - present
Website https://www.hollywouldproductions.com/

Hollywould Productions was founded in 1998 by Jeanne Basone (AKA Hollywood), a female professional wrestler who gained experience in several erotic wrestling companies, including Steel Kittens, DT Wrestling and Les Femmes Fatales, after GLOW was disbanded. Originally the company's name was Webkitten, but it was renamed Hollywould Productions in 2007. Hollywould Productions mainly produces fantasy wrestling, fantasy boxing, Catfight and superheroines, and does not produce competitive wrestling. By the early 2000s, she had produced a lot of topless wrestling videos, but she later stopped personal involvement in topless wrestling because she was afraid her family and relatives would be shocked if they were to see her pictures on the Internet.

Notable Wrestlers

Most of the videos produced by Hollywould Productions feature Jeanne Basone, the company's owner and wrestler. Most of her opponents are porn stars or models, and professional wrestlers sometimes appear. Among the major names to be seen in Hollywould Productions are Tori Sinclair, Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Leigh Betchley, Robin, Christine Dupree, Candi, Santana, Jennifer Thomas, and Cheryl Rusa.