Ringmaster Girls

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Ringmaster Girls
Location USA
Years active 1997 - 2008
Website N/A

Ringmaster Girls was an American wrestling company from the early 2000's, specializing in wrestling and boxing. They offered videos, photos, live sessions and a phone line where you could call to speak to wrestlers.

Here's how the company described themselves on their website.

The Ringmaster Girls are America's #1 Source for female boxing, catfighting and wrestling! Whatever your interest in female combat, we now bring it to you on both coasts!

We offer the best Fight Phone Line there is - featuring live boxers, catfighters and wrestlers! You won't find any prerecorded messages here folks! But you will find lots of hot, juicy, heated action - so check it out!

We also offer Custom Videos, Custom Photo Shoots and... get this...

You can even schedule a Private Match with one of our fine female athletes! You can have them fight against you, your significant other... or you can have two of them fight each other! Just imagine the possibilities!''

Krissy was the most well known regular member of the Ringmaster roster. Several other notable wrestlers made videos for the company including Hurricane Havana, Candi, Kristie Etzold, Tweety and Christine Dupree.

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