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| fight went back and forth until Fuchsia gained the final submission
| fight went back and forth until Fuchsia gained the final submission
| [http://www.lesfemmesfatales.com/Sale%20Pages/V073salepage.htm Link to match]
| [http://www.lesfemmesfatales.com/Sale%20Pages/V073salepage.htm Link to match]
| [[Image:Robin-Fuschia01.jpg|35px]]
| 2008?
| 2008?

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Robin after beating Tina in about 1997
Born Suzie Johnson
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 118 lb (53.5 kg; 8.4 st)
Wrestles for Les Femmes Fatales, Joan Wise Productions, TPC, Festelle and APL
Years active 1988 - present
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 31
Losses 10
Draws 3
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Robin is a well known female and mixed session wrestler who has been in the fighting business since 1988. She has worked for nearly all the major US and British production companies as well running her own company, Les Femmes Fatales. She has also boxed on numerous occasions for several companies.

She had this to say about female wrestling in general - "Competitive wrestling with women is different. I can't say that I really enjoy it when I'm in the moment. It's brutal. It's so tough and it really hurts. And egos are involved. It's a horrible feeling when you have the will but your body is so exhausted that it feels like giving up, and it's exhilarating when you are winning. I love the training, preparing for a tough match or a live event, and I love the feeling afterwards, especially when I win!!! Sometimes I have lost and, although I don't like losing, I always admire a woman who has the strength, skill and endurance to beat me. I can always learn from others and I can learn from my defeats".

In summer 1998 Amazons in Action magazine featured an interview with Robin in which she talked about her life and her career as a wrestler and boxer:

Notable matches

Tina vs. Robin

TPC-91-6 International Face Pin

This was Tina’s very first wrestling match and start of a long relationship with her nemesis Robin. Unabashed from the beginning at fighting bare breasted or in the nude, Tina at chose to fight topless in a pink thong while her opponent Robin wore green bikini bottoms and a black sports bra. The fight, which probably occurred in early 1991 or possibly late 1990, was organised by the WCS and the video marketed under the TPC label. Recalling the event in a 1998 interview for Amazons in Action magazine Robin had the following to say: “We met on the mat working for Festelle (sic) in 1991 and she didn’t speak to me much after the match, which I had won. But she told me she was coming to America and I invited her to stay with me for a week if she needed to get herself sorted out. She stayed for months and we have become very very close. I love Tina!”

From the very start of the fight Robin dominated Tina who was forced to submit four times in fairly quick succession to Robin’s powerful body and head scissors. The fight ended with Robin subjecting Tina to a prolonged facesit pin which concluded with Tina lying on the mat looking totally beat. This match was to set the scene for many matches in future. Robin may have professed to love Tina, but that didn’t stop her for beating her in nearly every fight that they had both in public and private. Link to match

Tina vs. Robin

APL86-2 4-Girl Tournament

In this, one of several topless fights between Robin and Tina for APL, Robin wore a black thong while Tina fought in a blue thong. Robin took the initiative and, as usual, tried to dominate Tina with her powerful body and head scissors. Tina tried without much success to assert herself but was able to counter Robin at times to good effect. Using the leg flexibility she had previously acquired from her gymnastics training she was able to repeatedly thrust a foot into Robin's throat, causing her plenty of discomfort. Robin was annoyed by this and took her first opportunity to reciprocate - from this point on the action heated up and some tough punishment including breast-mauling was handed out by both fighters. Tina battled hard to avoid submitting to Robin's holds but after the second submission she rapidly tired and conceded three more in quick succession. At the end of the bout Tina was still feisty enough to want to continue fighting, but after being thrown to the mat yet again she sensibly accepted the inevitable and allowed Robin to pose over her.

Competitive Female Wrestling Record

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1991 TPC TPC-91-6 International Face Pins Tina 5-0 Facesit pins Topless Robin beats Tina by 4 submissions and a pin Link to match Tina-Robin-TPC91-01.jpg
1991 Leather & Lace LL-003 The Blonde Intruder Tina and Candi T KO Themed non-competitive wrestling and belly-punching Bikini Robin beats up Tina and Candi individually but is then beaten up herself when the two opponents join forces Link to match Robin-Tina-Candy.jpg
1992 Video Sports V050 Nancy vs Robin Raven (Nancy) 0-2 Submissions and Pins Topless Nancy wins by a submission and pin Link to match Robin-Nancy01.jpg
1992-93 Women Warriors Robin vs Raven WW002 Raven (Nancy) ?-? Submissions Topless Robin dominates the fight with her powerful body scissors holds Link to match WW002-Robin-Nancy01.jpg
1992-93 Women Warriors Robin vs Raven Rematch WW006 Raven (Nancy) ?-? Submissions Topless Robin responds to Raven's rematch challenge and gets into a tough fight Link to match WW006-Robin-Nancy01.jpg
1992-93 Women Warriors Robin vs Tina - Rematch Tina 3-0 Submissions Topless Robin wins with 3 powerful bodyscissor submissions Link to match Tina-Robin-Rematch01.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT99-2 All Out Attack Tina KO Boxing Topless A closely fought energetic fight until Robin takes charge Not available CS Tina-Robin01.JPG
1994? Cal Supreme VT105-1 Lean Hardbodies Don't Quit Red S 5-0 Submissions only Topless Red has no answer to Robin's powerful scissors holds and is forced to submit on numerous occasions Link to match Robin-Red03.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT117 Knockdowns and Knockouts Red S KO Boxing Topless Robin is knocked down but then floors Red repeatedly until finally she fails to beat the count Not available Robin-Red01.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT119-1 Rejected Red S 3-0 Submissions only Topless In a strenuous competitive fight, Robin's powerful scissors holds give her a clear advantage over her game opponent Link to match Robin-Red04.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT132-1 Boxing Wars Red S KO Boxing Topless Robin lacks aggression and Red takes advantage, flooring her repeatedly until the bout is stopped by the referee Not available Robin-Red02.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT183-2 Lisa Marie KO Boxing Topless A punishing defeat for Lisa Marie who suffers a bloody nose before Robin punches her out Link to match Lisa Marie-Robin50.jpg
1993? DT Wrestling DT-204-2 Legs and Fun Christine TKO Mat wrestling Lingerie to topless Semi-competitive match ended by Robin flattening Christine and using her own bra to tie her to the ropes Link to match Christine-Robin01.jpg
1994? DT Wrestling DT-326-1 Head To Head Tina 2-1 Wrestling and boxing Topless Bikini wrestling, topless boxing and topless wrestling Link to match Tina-Robin-DT326-1.jpg
1994? DT Wrestling DT-337-2 Tag and Mud Eve Ellis Draw Mud Wrestling Topless Non-competitive mud-wrestling in a paddling pool Link to match DT337 Robin-Eve01.JPG
1994 Festelle FV117 Lissom Aggression Tina 4-0 Submissions only Topless Robin dominates her feisty opponent Link to match Tina-Robin01.jpg
1994 FWW SS-11 Tina 3-0 Pins and Submissions One piece swimsuits Robin thoroughly beats her "friend" Not available SS-11 Robin-Tina01.jpg
1994? Asian Connection AC90 Tina vs Robin Tina 2-1 Face-sit submission wrestling Bikini Tina and Robin fight for face-sit submissions in a fairly restrained match Not available Tina-Robin82.JPG
1995? Les Femmes Fatales V008 Tina's Boxing Challenge Tina KO Boxing Topless Tina ends up in hospital! Link to match Tina-Robin-Box02.jpg
1995? Joan Wise VT160a "A score to settle" Tina 2-0 Submissions Topless Robin enjoys handing out relentless punishment to Tina, scissoring and pinning her at will before face-sitting her to a finish Link to match Tina-Robin-VT160a.jpg
1995? Joan Wise VT191a "You don't look so tough" Simone TKO Submissions Lingerie to topless Robin is worn down by her bigger, heavier opponent and is humiliated as she is finished off by a dominant face-sit pin Link to match Simone-Robin01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise VT220b "Make me beg" Lauren 5-0 Submissions Bikini to topless Robin punishes Lauren at will, gaining multiple submissions and finishing her opponent off with a dominant face-sit pin Link to match Robin-Lauren01.jpg
1995? APL 83-1 Lolita 11-0 Face-sitting and submission Topless Total annihilation as Robin demolishes her bigger opponent, winning endless submissions Not available APL83 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 83-3 Tina 6-1 Face-sitting and submission Topless After Tina gains an early submission she is comprehensively beaten and left exhausted Not available APL83 Tina-Robin01.jpg
1995? APL 83-6 Ana 1-2 Face-sitting and submission Topless A very close match with one figure 4 headlock each and a winning side headlock by Ana Not available Ana-Robin01.jpg
1995? APL 86-2 Tina 5-0 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless Tempers flare in an unusually rough fight between these two in which Tina takes a beating Not available APL86 Tina-Robin02.jpg
1995? APL 86-3 Lolita 5-3 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless Robin has to work hard to beat Lolita in a rough bout with breast-mauling and hair-pulling Not available APL86 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 86-6 Ana 4-3 Head scissors, arm bars and choking to submission Topless A fired-up Robin wins a tough battle with Ana as they exchange brutal scissors and choking moves Not available Ana-Robin02.jpg
1995? APL 96-2 Tina 6-0 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless A more playful bout as Robin dominates Tina with face-sitting, SG pins and breast-mauling Not available APL96 Robin-Tina01.JPG
1995? APL 96-4 Lolita 4-1 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless Robin mostly in charge with face-sitting and SG pins though Lolita does well to score 1 pin Not available APL96 Robin-Lolita01.jpg
1995? APL 96-6 Ana 5-2 Face-sitting long pin SG pin Topless Humiliation for Ana as lightweight Robin dominates and pins her repeatedly Not available Ana-Robin03.jpg
1995? APL 87-3 Face-sitting long pin Tina ?-? pins Topless Tina is thoroughly defeated by her nemesis Not available
1996? Les Femmes Fatales V015 Topless Boxing Rematch Tina Draw Boxing Topless 8 ferocious rounds fail to produce a winner Link to match LFF Tina-Robin01.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales Topless Competitive Wrestling Tina 3-0 Submissions Topless Robin creams Tina then pulls her pants off Link to match Tina-Robin-LFF01.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales V046 Lisa's Challenge Tori Sinclair KO Submissions Topless Robin uses a variety of holds to dominate and humiliate Lisa (AKA Tori) Link to match Tori-Robin02.jpg
1998? Les Femmes Fatales V234 Tina's Demise Tina ?-? Submissions Bikini Destroyed by her long time rival Link to match LFF Tina-Robin234.jpg
1998 Premier Productions PV211 Ziggy 1-5 Submissions Topless Robin fought bravely but was unable to cope with her opponent's physical strength Link to match Robin-Ziggy10.jpg
2006 Les Femmes Fatales V073 Fuchsia 5-6 Submissions Bikini fight went back and forth until Fuchsia gained the final submission Link to match Robin-Fuschia01.jpg
2008? Les Femmes Fatales V299 Xana 3-3 Submissions Bikini Robin and Xana were extremely well-matched in a hard-fought and exhausting struggle Link to match LFF Xana-Robin01.jpg
2009 Les Femmes Fatales V333 Lina 2:1 Submission wrestling Bikini Robin`s experience brought her a narrow win against the evenly strong Lina Link to match
2010 Les Femmes Fatales V380 Ariel X 0-2 Pins only Bikini Ariel X in control over a desperately fighting Robin Link to match Robin-ArielX.jpg
January 2013 Les Femmes Fatales Sharon 0:3 Catfight Bikini Sharon dominates with grapevine pins & bodyscissors.
2014 Les Femmes Fatales V571 Julie Squeeze 1-2 Bikini Competitive Submissions The longer the match did last the more Julie took control over Robin Link to match
2014 Les Femmes Fatales V599 Julie Squeeze 5-4 Gi Competitive Pins Exhausting match, Robin took control when Julie got tired Link to match

Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record

A list of Robin's competitive F/M wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

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