Amazonen Sport (AS Film)

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Amazonen Sports (AS Film)

© Amazonen Sports (AS Film)
Location Elmshorn Germany
Years active 1986 - present

Amazonen Sports (AS Film) is a female/mixed wrestling and boxing video production company founded in Elmshorn, Germany. It produced and sold its own material, and was also the main vehicle for the sale and distribution of videos of German Mat Club and Bavarian Wildcats events (see further details of GMC and Bavarian Wildcats in their own Production Companies entries).

The company has had a complicated history since it was founded as Beka-Film by Andreas Miltkau with a partner in 1986. By 1999 the two partners were in dispute over ownership, causing a brief hiatus before a new version of the company emerged with a new-look website. The company promoted a series of wrestling tournament events from 2000-2002 which saw early appearances of iconic wrestlers Nadege and Susanne S. By around 2003 Andreas had relaunched the company, which was now known as Amazonen Sports, and which operated for around another 10 years in this guise before it was incorporated into the Kontex network. Here it retained the previous website address but acquired the standard Kontex webpage design for promotion of the original AS, BW and GMC catalogue. Andreas still maintains his own separate vending operation for original material from his and other German production companies via the Clips4Sale site. Both sites now promote and sell old material only - no new events or matches have been produced since early 2014.

In addition to the above, Amazonen Sports has always been a platform for the sale and distribution of output from other production companies. At least some part of the catalogue of DT Wrestling, Steel Kittens, Triumph Studios and World of Wildcats is available to download.

Notable wrestlers

Nadege, Susan, Susanne S, Puma, Gia Primo and Xana