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Tina stretches before her fight with Eveline at DWW in 1996
Born 1968
Other names Tina Antman, Red Riding Hood
Nationality Swedish
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 108 lb (49.0 kg; 7.7 st)
Wrestles for Festelle, DWW, Video Sports, APL and Les Femmes Fatales
Years active 1991 - 2001
Assumed Competitive Female Wrestling Record
Wins 25
Losses 33
Draws 7
Assumed Competitive Mixed Wrestling Record
Other information

Tina Bjornson fought in a very large number of matches for many of the main female wrestling organisations throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, almost always using her alias Tina Antman. She was well known as a feisty and indomitable fighter who often fought topless and wasn’t abashed to fight in the nude. Though predominantly a wrestler she also competed in some fully-competitive boxing matches, and she also appeared in some BDSM movies under the pseudonym “Red Riding Hood”.

Tina’s fighting career appears to have started about 1991 when she made her first appearance for Festelle and TPC aged 23. In the following four years she made several appearances at Festelle events wrestling both topless and in the nude as well as boxing. In 1996 Tina had a period in Budapest fighting for DWW in both topless and nude matches.

Tina's nemesis throughout her fighting career was Robin (Susie Johnson) to whom she seems to have consistently lost (see the table below).

Early in Tina's career she briefly stayed with Robin and from that time until Tina retired they fought regularly as friends and rivals.

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Notable Opponents

Tina's standout opponent was Robin but other well-known wrestlers with whom she fought were Candi, Christine Dupree, Eveline, Francesca Le, Hana, Luna, Nadege and Raven (Nancy).

Notable Matches

Reviews of some of Tina's most notable matches.

Tina vs. Robin

TPC-91-6 International Face Pin

This was Tina’s very first wrestling match and start of a long relationship with her nemesis Robin. Unabashed from the beginning at fighting bare breasted or in the nude, Tina at chose to fight topless in a pink thong while her opponent Robin wore green bikini bottoms and a black sports bra. The fight was organised by the WCS and the video marketed under the TPC label. It probably took place in June 1991 when Tina was in England to fight at a Festelle event which was held on 29th June. Recalling the event in a 1998 interview for Amazons in Action magazine Robin had the following to say: “We met on the mat working for Festelle (sic) in 1991 and she didn’t speak to me much after the match, which I had won. But she told me she was coming to America and I invited her to stay with me for a week if she needed to get herself sorted out. She stayed for months and we have become very very close. I love Tina!”

From the very start of the fight Robin dominated Tina who was forced to submit four times in fairly quick succession to Robin’s powerful body and headscissors. The fight ended with Robin subjecting Tina to a prolonged facesit pin which concluded with Tina lying on the mat looking totally beat. This match was to set the scene for many matches in future. Robin may have professed to love Tina, but that didn’t stop her for beating her in nearly every fight that they had both in public and private.

Link to match

Tina vs. Darian

Video Sports V038-2 1991 Topless Lightweight Tournament

The match between Darian and Tina took place in a gym in California during 1991. It was part of the 4-girl 1991 Topless Lightweight tournament which also involved Jasae and Jennifer - Darian and Jennifer were relative novices but Tina and Jasae had previous competitive wrestling experience.

This was a good bout, friendly and sporting but competitive, with both women trying hard to win. Darian was taller and slightly heavier than Tina but the girls seemed very similar in terms of strength. Tina was determined to be the more aggressive wrestler but found Darian was able to withstand the numerous scissors holds she put on her, and her attempts to pin her opponent were similarly unsuccessful. Darian responded with attacks of her own but didn't have the power or technique to gain a score. By the end of the match both girls were tired but no closer to resolving the contest - both seemed to have really enjoyed the opportunity to test out their physical strength and endurance, but Tina was a little disappointed to have not been able to make her greater experience and skills tell.

Tina vs. Alex Jordan

Video Sports V049 1992 Lightweight Spectacular

Alex Jordan was better known as an adult movie actress appearing in some 166 movies over the period 1991 until her death in 1995. This fight against Tina at the Video Sport 1992 Lightweight Spectacular (tape V049) appears to be her only competitive wrestling match.

It is clear from the beginning of the fight, when the two fighters shake hands, that there is bad blood between the two of them. The fight starts with some furious action from both fighters, but Tina soon establishes control with a series of tight headlocks and body-scissors. Alex tries desperately to escape Tina's clutches, but the experienced Swedish fighter keeps her under control each time regaining her hold on the increasingly desperate novice. After eleven minutes of fighting Alex submits for the first time to Tina's tight breast smother headlock.

Things don't improve for Alex when the fight restarts and Tina immediately brings her opponent to the canvas in yet another tight headlock. As a novice Alex doesn't have the skill to escape Tina's holds and at times she cries out with pain and frustration at her situation. About 6 minutes into the second session Tina traps Alex in a very tight side headlock from which she is unable to escape. Panicking from the feeling of being choked Alex tells Tina to stop, but the feisty Swedish fighter ignores her pleas until eventually Alex's screams together with the shouts from the audience persuade her to let go. As Tina gets to her feet Alex smacks her butt in an act of anger and frustration, but the Tina takes no notice and casually walks back to the corner. Alex gets to her feet and abruptly leaves the ring ending the fight.

Alex continued to work as an adult movie star for another 3 years until her death in 1995, but it seems unlikely that she ever had another competitive wrestling match.

Tina vs. Anita H

Festelle Video FV112 Nude Challenge

Jeff the Ref introduced this Festelle Video fight as “a nude all-in wrestling match over an unlimited number of submissions only, until one girl gives up the match”. The fight certainly lived up to that description, although fans may have wished that it had gone on for longer. Most naked catfights tend to be rather non-competitive, staged events, but Tina’s fight with Anita was certainly not staged – it turned out to be a very competitive if not downright vicious fight.

The match was held in London during the fall of 1993 in front of a small audience. At that time Festelle charged £30 to attend a topless fighting event, but for this nude wrestling event the price was upped to £100, hence the rather small audience.

According to their statistics the two wrestlers were exactly matched in height and weight at 5’ 3” and 108lbs, although in the opening scene of the video when they were standing face to face Anita appeared to be an inch or two taller (pic 1).

As soon as the fight started Anita grabbed Tina in a headlock and dragged the Swedish fighter to the ground. Immediately they were on the mat both fighters grabbed each others hair, but it was soon obvious that Anita was better at this sort of vicious catfighting. She quickly dominated Tina with a series of unconventional moves and manoeuvres (pics 2 and 3). After just 2 minutes of fighting Anita pinned Tina on the mat and forced her head and neck back in a unique chin-pull hold. The Swedish fighter had no answer to this unusual hold and after just 20 seconds she was forced to submit (pics 4 and 5).

When the fight restarted Anita once again dominated the action by immediately grabbing Tina by her long red hair and wrestling her to the mat. Tina struggled desperately to escape, but when she was pinned to the ground by her hair she called for a break to clarify the rules of the fight (pic 6). She looked somewhat perplexed when the referee explained to her that “there are no rules” (pic 7).

After a short break the fight restarted and Anita went on the offensive again; she grabbed Tina by her hair and swung her round dragging her off her feet to the mat. Anita immediately got onto Tina’s back and put her in a chin-pull (pic 8). Tina managed to get out on the chin hold, but then Anita grabbed her hair and twisted her head painfully back with a combination chin and hair pull. Tina submitted for the second time (pic 9). After Anita had got to her feet Tina lay stunned on the mat rubbing her neck (pic 10). So after only a little over 5 minutes Anita had got her second submission.

Despite the way things were going Tina started the next session full of energy and determination, but once again it was Anita who took control of the fight with hair pulling and chin holds (pic 11). On the brief occasions when Tina took control of the fight (pics12, 13 & 14) she soon lost it again. Things got increasingly bad tempered with a number of breaks having to be taken to allow things to calm down. At one point Anita repeatedly picked Tina up by her hair and then slammed her to the mat (pic 15). A little later Tina screamed with anger when Anita failed to stop after Tina called for a break to allow her to sort out a problem with her contact lens (pic 16). The referee certainly had his hands full with this fight!

Some 20 minutes into the fight Anita attempted to get Tina in another hair and chin-pull combination, but this was too much for the Swede who yelled out in alarm (pic 17) and surrender the match saying “I don’t want my hair pulled out!” The referee declared Anita the winner with Tina refusing to return to the mat for the customary announcement. It was an unhappy end to what surely is the most ferocious naked catfights that has been seen at Festelle.

The match is still available on download (as are all Festelle matches) Link to match

Tina’s fights with Eveline at the DWW in 1996

January 1996

In January 1996 DWW organised a series of private fights in Budapest, some topless and some nude, and they invited Tina to add some international competition to their line up of Hungarian fighters. Tina had fours fights in total, two in the nude against Andrea and Orsolya, and two topless ones against Marietta and Eveline. It was the fight against Eveline that was to be the hardest and the most bad tempered of these encounters. Jeff the Ref refereed the fight which was held in a ring with a heavily padded mat. Eveline had won all her fights since she started with DWW in the summer of 1995 and she looked pretty confident and relaxed as the referee introduced her to the camera. Tina returned her opponent’s confident demeanour with a look that could be interpreted as smug or condescending. The two fighters did shake hands before starting the fight, but that was the last gesture of friendliness we were going to see in this fight.
As usual Eveline made the first move by grabbing Tina in a headlock and taking her to the mat, but the Swedish fighter retaliated by locking her legs round Eveline in a tight bodyscissors. Tina showed her incredible flexibility by maintaining the scissor hold despite Eveline’s best efforts to dislodge her. At one point Eveline trapped Tina in a serious looking folded position that had the referee asking if the Swede wanted to submit (see photo below). Tina managed to break out Eveline’s grip and re-established the bodyscissors as the fight moved to the edge of the ring and off the padded mat. Eveline fought her way out of the bodyscissors, but before she could reset Tina trapped her in a combination bodyscissors and full nelson. Being trapped in a complex hold like this was a new experience for Eveline and she responded by pushing her thumbs into Tina’s face below the jaw which drew a warning from the referee. Eveline now tried bridging her body to break out of the hold, but when that failed Tina tightening the scissors causing Eveline to grimace in pain. Eveline attacked Tina’s face again this time successfully forcing the Swede to release her holds. The action then moved off the padded mat into the ropes causing the referee to call for a break in the action.

The fight restarted with Eveline once again taking Tina to the mat in a headlock. The Hungarian twisted her opponent’s head and neck hoping to get a submission, but when Tina escaped from that hold Eveline tried for a pin instead. The Swedish fighter managed to roll onto her front in a defensive position, which left Eveline looking frustrated above her. The fight then moved off the mat and into the ropes so the referee called for a break to get the fighters back into the centre of the mat.
Once again the fight restarted with Eveline grabbing Tina in a headlock and taking her to the mat. As in the first session Tina fought back by using her flexibility to get a bodyscissors around Eveline’s abdomen which led to the fighters rolling off the mat and into the ropes, so the referee had to call for a break. This pattern was repeated several times over with the fighters getting frustrated by the frequent interruptions.
Some 20 minutes into the fight this repetitive cycle was broken when, after a reset, Tina took Eveline to the mat in a headlock. Now the greater experience of the Swedish fighter became apparent as she positioned her body away from Eveline and spread her legs wide to stop Eveline rolling her over. As Tina tightened the headlock Eveline attacked her face and throat trying to force Tina to break the hold. The referee warned Eveline about choking, but that did nothing to stop Eveline from attacking Tina’s face and neck. Tina maintained the hold as Eveline, encouraged by her Hungarian teammates’ shouts, made more desperate attempts to break out of the hold. Despite Eveline’s gyrations and the attacks on her face Tina held the headlock tight with the Hungarian’s head pressed hard against her right shoulder. After nearly two minutes in this hold Eveline lost her temper completely and started to slap and scratch at Tina’s face. Seeing things getting out of control the referee called for the fight to stop. Tina released her hold and Eveline pulled away thumping Tina on her back as she went. The Hungarian then leapt to her feet and had to be restrained by the referee from attacking Tina again. The match was ended at this point and the referee made the decision to call it a 0-0 draw.

The referee’s decision to declare this match a draw can certainly be questioned. Eveline clearly lost her temper and behaved badly when she attacked Tina’s face in such a dangerous way. It could be argued that Eveline should have submitted when she found was unable to escape from Tina’s hold and should not have resorted to slapping and scratching at Tina’s face. Doubtless the loud the shouts from the other Hungarian fighters helped to enrage Eveline and this might have contributed to her outburst. Perhaps the referee should have awarded the point and the match to Tina, but that would have probably caused quite a stir amongst the Hungarian supporters. So the fight remained a draw with a rematch to be agreed to settle things.

Summer 1996

Later in 1996 Tina returned to DWW to fight another four fights, two of these were return matches against Eveline and Andrea, the other two were fights against new opponents: Hana and Helga. The fight against Eveline was the most anticipated and the most fraught with risk as the previous fight had had to be stopped by the referee because “things were getting out of hand”.
The fight was held in one of DWW’s regular locations where the wrestling mat was enclosed on 3 sides. This had the distinct advantage that the fight would be more contained and ‘out of bounds’ breaks could be reduced. A small audience located out of view of the camera watched the match. The fight started with the fighters grasping each other in headlocks and twisting themselves to the mat. As soon as they hit the mat Tina locked her legs round Eveline’s waist in a bodyscissors which forced the Hungarian to release her headlock. Eveline forced her arm in between Tina’s legs to try and break the scissors, but then she grimaced as Tina tightened her holds in response. Slowly Eveline turned her head until her chin was over the corner of Tina’s jaw then she pressed down hard driving her chin into Tina’s head and neck (see photo below). It was an inspired move and it quickly brought results when Tina released her headlock. Now instead of trying to grasp Eveline in a headlock Tina tried with all her strength to push Eveline’s head away. In desperation Tina used her amazing flexibly to bring her right leg round to help lever Eveline’s head away from her face, but this didn’t work and Eveline locked a tight headlock on Tina which forced the Swedish fighter to re-establish her bodyscissors hold. Eveline maintained the headlock for some time, but Tina’s bodyscissors were obviously hurting her so she suddenly released the headlock and got to her feet which forced Tina to release her scissors. The two fighters now fell back to the mat and as they did so Tina locked a bodyscissors on Eveline once again. They rolled into the enclosure wall and as Tina tightened her scissors further Eveline started to attack her face as she had done in their first fight (see photo). Tina yelled in alarm and anger causing the referee to move swiftly to stop the fight before things could deteriorate further. Once again Eveline’s temper had got the better of her!

The fight was restarted after a short break to allow tempers to cool and to remind Eveline about the rules. The two wrestlers took up the fight more or less where they had left off with Eveline getting a headlock on Tina who fought back with a bodyscissors. Once again Tina took control with a combination bodyscissors and full nelson hold and once again Eveline retaliated by attacking Tina’s face. It looked as if the referee would have to stop the fight again, but this time the struggling fighters moved hard against wall of the enclosure, which protected Tina’s face from further attack. After a short period Eveline managed to break out of Tina’s holds and then tried unsuccessfully to pin the Swedish fighter. As Tina made her escape from the pin she found herself trapped face down on the mat by Eveline. The Hungarian fighter now turned on the pressure as she slowly levered Tina’s right shoulder back while all the time keeping her trapped against the mat with a bodyscissors. After some 30 seconds in this increasingly painful combination Tina yelled out her submission.

The fight restarted with the two wrestlers dropping to the mat in mutually applied headlocks, but Eveline soon took control by moving over Tina and forcing her to release her headlock. Eveline now adjusted her position and hold to put Tina in a pin. The Swedish wrestler fought hard to stop a count being taken, but she wasn’t able to escape from Eveline’s control. After some 40 seconds Eveline suddenly gave up on the pin and rolled sideways to lock her legs round Tina’s head and left shoulder in a headscissors. Encouraged by her team-mates Eveline tightened her scissor hold until after about 20 seconds Tina submitted for the second time giving the fight to Eveline by 2 falls to 0. After announcing the result the referee congratulated both fighters on managing to control themselves so that the fight could be completed and a winner declared.


Tina was featured in an article in the Amazons in Action magazine #57 (published February 1992) regarding her appearances in California Wildcats CW066 and Video Sports VS038 productions. The relevant pages are displayed below:

Amazons In Action magazine #64 (published November 1993) carried an article describing a series of fights held by Festelle in the late summer or early fall of 1993. The first part of the article describes a catfight between Tina and Anita H ((also see Notable Fight)) and the second part covers a boxing match between Tina and Vanessa W.

Amazons In Action magazine #87 published in March 1999 reviewed APL tapes 66 to 70 that had fights between Tina and the APL regular fighters Ana, the owner of APL and Paloma, a regular fighter in the early days of APL.

Competitive Female Wrestling and Boxing Record

A list of Tina's competitive F/F wrestling and boxing matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
June 1991 Festelle FV83-2 International Topless Part1 Anju 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Wins with 2 pins Link to match Tina-Anju01.jpg
June 1991 Festelle FV83-3 International Topless Part1 Clare 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Wins by one submission Link to match Tina-Clare01.jpg
1993 Festelle FV112 Nude Challenge Anita H 0-3 Catfight & submissions Naked Hard catfight; stopped abruptly by Tina (Notable Fight) Link to match Tina-Anita01.jpg
1993 Festelle FV113 Topless Boxing Vanessa W On points Boxing Topless A hard, closely fought match Link to match Tina-Vanessa02.jpg
1994 Festelle FV117 Lissom Aggression Robin 0-4 Submissions only Topless Robin dominates her feisty opponent Link to match Tina-Robin01.jpg
1994 Festelle FV117 Lissom Aggression Liz B 2-0 Pins & submissions Topless Good win for Tina shortly after losing to Robin Link to match Tina-Liz01.jpg
1991 TPC TPC-91-6 International Face Pins Robin 0-5 Facesit pins only Topless See (Notable Fight) Link to match Tina-Robin-TPC91-01.jpg
1991 TPC TPC-91-7 International Face Pins Part2 Luna 5-0 Facesit pins & submissions Topless Tina cuts taller Luna down to size, forcing repeated submissions Link to match TPC Tina-Luna01.jpg
1992 TPC TPC-92-5 Erotic Face Pins Wrestling Anna Michaels 3-2 Facesit pins and submissions Topless Tina is completely dominant, taking it easy on newcomer Anna after a while Link to match Tina-Anna01.jpg
1992? Arena Girls n/k Candi 0-1 Submissions only Topless Possibly the first of the many bouts between Tina and Candi - they fight in the ring until Tina submits the match N/A AG45-1.jpg
1992 Premier Productions PV087-2 Wrestling Audition Robin Themed catfight Lingerie Non-competitive apartment catfight Link to match Robin-Tina Premier.jpg
1994? DWW DWW-045-02 Topless Boxing Bonanza Chelsea G 0-0 Boxing Topless 6 rounds of fierce punching ended with the bout declared a draw despite Tina having had to take a standing count Link to fight Tina-Chelsea01.jpg
January 1996 DWW DWW-069-03 Introducing Marietta Marietta 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Tina loses by a pin after a long hard fought match Link to fight Marietta-Tina2.jpg
January 1996 DWW DWW-070-04 Eveline, the Merciless Eveline 0-0 Pins & submissions Topless Ref stops the fight when tempers flare (Notable fight) Link to match Tina-Eveline-DWW-70-02.jpg
January 1996 DWW DWW-083-01 Naked Aggression Andrea 1-0 Pins & submissions Naked Andrea submits to Tina’s headscissors Link to match Tina-Andrea03.jpg
January 1996 DWW DWW-083-04 Naked Aggression Orsolya 3-0 Pins & submissions Naked Orsolya succumbs to Tina’s powerful scissors holds Link to match Tina-Orsolya1.jpg
1996 DWW DWW-074-05 Miss Amazon 1996 - Finals Hana 1-2 Pins & submissions Topless Tina did well to take 1 point off Hana Link to match Tina-hana02.jpg
1996 DWW DWW-075-02 Tournament of Aggressive Girls Eveline 0-2 Pins & submissions Topless Hard fight for Tina (Notable fight) Link to match Tina-Eveline-DWW-75-01.jpg
1996 DWW DWW-075-03 Tournament of Aggressive Girls Helga 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless To decide 3rd place in mini tournament Link to match Helga-Tina01.jpg
1996 DWW DWW-096-04 Vengeance - The rematch Andrea 2-2 Pins & submissions Topless Andrea fails to get revenge for her loss in DWW-83 Link to match Tina-andrea01.jpg
1991 Video Sports V038 Topless Lightweight Tournament Jasae 1-0 Pins & submissions Topless Tina wins with a single submission N/A Tina-J'sae01.jpg
1991 Video Sports V038 Topless Lightweight Tournament Darian 0-0 Pins & submissions Topless Darian and Tina could not be separated after a long and closely-fought match (Notable fight) N/A Tina-Darian1.jpg
1992 Video Sports V049 Lightweight Spectacular Alex Jordan 3-0 Pins & submissions Topless (Notable Fight) N/A Tina-Alex01.jpg
1994 Video Sports V053 Wild on the Mats Lavonna no result Pins & submissions Topless Stopped when Tina injured her ankle N/A Tina-Lavonna01.jpg
1994 FWW SS-11 Robin 0-3 Pins & submissions One piece swimsuits Tina thoroughly beaten by her nemesis N/A SS-11 Robin-Tina01.jpg
1993? Cal Supreme CS197-3 Denise H KO Boxing Topless A close match ended by a head shot from Denise N/A CS197 Tina-Denise03.jpg
1994? Cal Supreme VT:99 All out attack Robin KO Boxing Topless A closely fought energetic fight until Robin takes charge N/A CS Tina-Robin02.JPG
1994? Steel Kittens SK-45-02 Off With The Gloves Leigh n/k Boxing & Wrestling Bikinis Boxing descends into catfighting as gloves are shed and hair is pulled Link to match Tina-Leigh01.jpg
1991 or 1992? DT Wrestling DT-209-1 New Blood Bobbie KO Catfight & submissions Clothed to topless Semi-competitive with breast-mauling alongside some semi-pro type ring action before Tina is beaten Link to match Tina-Bobbie01.jpg
1991 or 1992? DT Wrestling DT-218-1 Best Bouts Of Battling Mia Walters KO Boxing Topless Semi-competitive with some good action before Tina takes care of her opponent Link to match DT218 Tina-Mia01.jpg
1992 or 1993? DT Wrestling DT-227-1 War Zone Francesca Le 1-0 Submissions only Topless Both fighters show tremendous flexibility with some twisting of feet and toes. Tina wins with a wristlock/armbar submission. Link to match Francesca-Tina-DT227-03.jpg
1994? DT Wrestling DT-240-1 Let's get ready to Rumble! Francesca Le KO Boxing Topless Gloved and bare knuckle boxing Link to match Tina-Francesca02.jpg
1994? DT Wrestling DT-247 Nothing But The Best Francesca Le 2-1 Wrestling and boxing Naked Bikini wrestling, boxing and nude wrestling Link to match Tina-francesca01.jpg
1994? DT Wrestling DT-326-1 Head To Head Robin 1-2 Wrestling and boxing Topless Bikini wrestling, topless boxing and topless wrestling Link to match Tina-Robin-DT326-1.jpg
1991 California Wildcats CW066-1 Newcomer 1 Julie E 1-0 Catfight & submissions Lingerie to naked The fighters lose their underwear during the fight in which Tina gradually asserts control over Julie N/A Tina-Julie02.jpg
1991 California Wildcats CW066-2 Newcomer 1 Champagne 1-0 Catfight & submissions Lingerie to naked Fighters lose underwear during fight N/A Tina-Champagne02.jpg
1991 California Wildcats CW067 Newcomer 2 Champagne 0-1 Catfight & submissions Naked Tina humilated in her defeat N/A Tina-Champagne03.jpg
1999 Belgian Fighting Women BFW 003 Tania 0-1 Pins & submissions Topless Tina submits to full-nelson & bodyscissors combination N/A Tina-Tania.jpg
1999 Belgian Fighting Women BFW 005 Angelica Pins & submissions Non-topless Tina overpowers her inexperienced opponent N/A Tina-Angelica.jpg
1995 Women Warriors W-37 (WW011 on LFF) Angella 3-0 Submissions only Naked Tina wins after her superior wrestling technique decides an evenly matched fight, and celebrates by face-sitting Angella Link to match Tina-Angela02.jpg
1995 Women Warriors W-40 Robin vs Tina - Rematch Robin 0-3 Submissions only Topless Robin wins with 3 powerful bodyscissor submissions Link to match Tina-Robin-Rematch01.jpg
1995 Women Warriors W-49 (WW007 on LFF) Christine Dupree 0-3 Submissions only Naked Tina is creamed by Christine Link to match Tina-Christine04.jpg
1995 or 1996? Women Warriors W-56 Raven (Nancy) 3-0 Submissions only Nude A surprisingly easy win for Tina Link to match Tina-Nancy04.jpg
1997? Joan Wise VT206 "I'm tired of your shit" Raven (Nancy) 0-2 Pins & submissions Naked Tina loses by a bodyscissor submission and a facesit pin Link to match Tina-Nancy01b.jpg
1994 Leather & Lace LL-052-2 Bare Breasted Wrestling Blake 3-0 Pins & submissions Topless Tina used her speed and technical skill to wear her bigger opponent down, scoring two body-press pins and a body-scissors Link to match Blake-TinaB02.jpg
1995? Les Femmes Fatales V008 Tina's Boxing Challenge Robin KO Boxing Topless Robin KOs Tina with a right uppercut that sends her to hospital! Link to match Tina-Robin-Box02.jpg
1995? Les Femmes Fatales V010 Club Challenge Match Nikita n/k Pins & submissions Bikini Link to match LFF Tina-Nikita01.jpg
1996? Les Femmes Fatales V015 Topless Boxing Rematch Robin Draw Boxing Topless 8 ferocious rounds fail to produce a winner Link to match LFF Tina-Robin01.jpg
1996? Les Femmes Fatales V019 Club Challenge Match Yasmin 0-0 Submissions only Topless Short sweaty fight Link to match LFF Tina-Yasmin01.JPG
1997? Les Femmes Fatales Topless Competitive Wrestling Robin 0-3 Submissions only Topless Robin creams Tina then pulls her pants off Link to match Tina-Robin-LFF01.jpg
1997? Les Femmes Fatales V047 Arm Twisted Sister Tori Sinclair 0-1 Submissions only Bikini Tina defeated and humiliated by Tori AKA Lisa Link to match LFF Tina-Lisa01.jpg
1999? Les Femmes Fatales V130 Club Challenge Match! Celeste n/k Submissions only Bikinis Link to match LFF Tina-Celeste01.jpg
1998? Les Femmes Fatales V234 Tina's Demise Robin Submissions only Bikini Destroyed by her long time rival Link to match LFF Tina-Robin234.jpg
2000? Les Femmes Fatales Tina vs Nadege Nadege 0-5 Pins & submissions Topless Takes place in Belgium, refereed by Beatrice Goffin Link to match Nadege-Tina03.jpg
2001 Les Femmes Fatales LE2001-2 Live Event 2001 Match 2 Tweety n/k Pins & submissions Bikinis Possibly one of Tina's last public fights Link to match Tina-Tweety01.jpg
1998 or 1999? APL 65 How to dominate one bodybuilder Paloma 3-0 Pins only Topless Tina is paired with Ana to beat Paloma N/A Tina-Paloma.jpg
1998 or 1999? APL 66 Tough Women Paloma 1-5 Pins & submissions Topless Tina does well to get a pin against a heavier and muscular opponent N/A Tina-Paloma-APL66.jpg
2000? APL 83-2 Ana 0-4 Facesitting & submissions Topless Tina faces a much heavier opponent and is forced to submit 4 times to scissors holds N/A Ana-Tina02.jpg
2000? APL 83-3 Robin 1-6 Facesitting & submissions Topless Tina gains an early submission but is then thoroughly beaten and left exhausted N/A APL83 Tina-Robin01.jpg
2000? APL 83-5 Lolita 4-1 Facesitting & submissions Topless Tina wears down her taller opponent, winning with head and body scissors N/A APL83 Lola-Tina01.jpg
2000? APL 86-2 Robin 0-5 Submissions only Topless Tempers flare in an unusually rough fight in which Tina takes a beating N/A APL86 Tina-Robin02.jpg
2000? APL 86-4 Ana 2-4 Submissions only Topless Tina competes well as the wrestlers exchange brutal head scissors N/A Ana-Tina31.jpg
2000? APL 86-5 Lolita 3-1 Submissions only Topless Tina punishes Lolita with harsh figure4 headlocks and head scissors N/A APL86 Tina-Lolita01.jpg
2000? APL 87-3 Lolita 3-1 Facesitting long pins & submissions Topless Tina scores a pin and two submissions while Lolita submits Tina with a head scissors N/A Tina-Lolita21.jpg
2000? APL 87-4 Robin Facesitting long pins & submissions Topless Tina is thoroughly defeated by her nemesis N/A Robin-Tina45.jpg
2001? APL 96-2 Robin 0-6 Facesitting long pins & submissions Topless Robin has fun dominating Tina with facesitting, SG pins & breast-mauling N/A APL96 Robin-Tina01.JPG
2001? APL 96-3 Ana 1-5 Facesitting long pins & submissions Topless Tina scores an early pin but then struggles as Ana makes use of her weight advantage N/A Ana-Tina32.jpg
2001? APL 96-5 Lolita 6-3 Facesitting long pins & submissions Topless Competitive bout with pins being exchanged until Lolita tires and Tina takes charge N/A APL96 Tina-Lolita01.jpg
2001? APL 103-1 Ana 0-5 Submissions only Topless Tina thoroughly beaten N/A Ana-Tina10.jpg
1994? Asian Connection AC90 Tina vs Robin Robin 1-2 Facesit submissions only Bikinis Tina and Robin fight for facesit submissions in a fairly restrained match N/A Tina-Robin81.JPG
1994? Asian Connection Tina vs Christy Christy 2-0 Catfight & submissions Clothed to topless Tina makes a rare appearance for AC, winning a short catfight without difficulty N/A Tina-Christy01.jpg

Semi-Competitive and Erotic Female Wrestling Record

A list of Tina's semi-competitive and erotic F/F wrestling matches. This list is not complete.

Date Producer Video Title Opponent Result Rules Clothes Comments Links Pic
1991 Leather & Lace LL-003 The Blonde Intruder Robin and Candi KO Themed non-competitive wrestling and belly-punching Bikinis Robin beats up Tina and Candi individually but is then beaten up herself when the 2 opponents join up Link to match Robin-Tina-Candy.jpg
1992 California Wildcats CW079 Dirty Farming Emma Nixon Muddy wrestling Naked Emma was Playboy centrefold Feb 1995 N/A Tina-CW079-01.jpg
1992 California Wildcats CW085 Dirty Water Emma Nixon 1-0 Pool wrestling Naked Sexy underwater fighting before Tina overpowers Emma at the poolside N/A Tina-Emma05.JPG
1993 or 1994? Steel Kittens SK-48 "Rent Control" Candi 1-0 Bedroom lingerie fight Topless Fight between supposed students Link to match SK Tina-Candi01.jpg
1994? Crystal CVS52-2 "Blackmailed" Tosha KO Bedroom lingerie fight Lingerie to near naked Tina (known here as "Rica") in a fight between supposed blackmailer and victim Link to match Tina-Tosha01.JPG
1994 Joan Wise VT181 "You lost my..." Lisa Marie 0-1 Humiliation fight Clothed & topless Tina loses to a stronger rival Link to match VT-181 Tina-Lisa Marie.jpg
1994 Joan Wise PC 006 "The whole 9 yards" Candi 5-0 Lesbian catfight Naked Tina sexually dominates Candi Link to match PC-006 Tina-Candi01.jpg
1995? Les Femmes Fatales V002 Get The Plumber Tammy 1-0 Submissions only Naked Tina dominates her defeated opponent Link to match Tina-Tammy01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise - Jaguar Video JV 104a "Midnight Madness" Candi 0-1 Submissions only Naked Non-competitive, but some nice sexy holds Link to match Tina-Candi03.jpg
1995? Joan Wise PC011 "Steamrolled" Alecia 1-0 Submissions only Naked Non-competitive, quite sexual Link to match Tina-Alecia01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise Video 16 (PC009)"Boots" Blake 5-0 Pins & submissions Topless Erotic catfight Link to match Blake-Tina01.jpg
1995? Joan Wise VT160a "A score to settle" Robin 0-2 Submissions, SG pins & facesitting Topless Starts competitive but once Robin becomes dominant Tina only puts up token resistance Link to match Tina-Robin-VT160a.jpg
1995? Joan Wise VT 224b "I'm going to make you mine, baby!" Susan 4-0 Submissions only Naked Non-competitive, but some nice sexy holds Link to match Tina-Susan02.jpg
1994? Leather & Lace LL-025 All Nude Boxing Christine Dupree KO Boxing Naked Not very competitive Link to match Tina-Christine-Box01.jpg
1994? Leather & Lace LL-026 Slumber Party Christine Dupree Submissions only Naked A non-competitive catfight Link to match Christine-Tina03.jpg
1994? Leather & Lace LL-036-1 Topless Boxing Tournament Candi KO Boxing Topless Semi-competitive bout featuring some good-looking action Link to match Tina-Candi50.jpg
1995 Leather & Lace LL-058 Knock Out Boxing II Candi KO Boxing Topless Semi-competitive bout featuring some good-looking action Link to match LL058 Tina-Candi01.jpg
1997? World of Wildcats Wv-106 Brawling Sisters Lucy 0-1 Submissions only Topless Cross knee back break submission Link to match WV106 Tina-Lucy02.jpg
1994? Arena Girls Tina vs Flame Flame 0-3 Catfight & submissions Swimsuits to naked Tina lost the fight by 2 submissions and the bonus round Link to match Tina-Flame01.jpg

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